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How I Met Your Mother 1.08 "The Duel" [watched on tape: 04 Sept. 2006]

Lily (to Robin, on the apartment she hasn't been to in three months): "They're like fat pants: you hope you never have to use them, but you're glad they're there."

Robin: "I expected more from you, Barney."
Barney: "I'm working on some new stuff, stay tuned."

Robin: "So when a serious issue comes up, you just avoid it?"
Ted: "I've really gotta make this call."

Love Robin doing the call.  I think my life would have been complete without the phrase "white chocolate," however :)

Ted ordered a phone booth?!  Proof that even by osmosis fandom eats my brain, my initial thought upon seeing it [admittedly with poor reception so the picture at that time didn't have color] was that he had bought a TARDIS.

Barney: "Bad move, Scherbatsky"
Yeah, as soon as she said he could possibly be her soulmate (re: the whole five-minute decision thing) I knew Barney would make her go on a date with the guy.

I'm undecided as to whether I agree Barney's a cook naked kinda guy (also not sure I wanna dwell on the idea long enough to make a decision).

date: "Cows will probably have died out by then -- or be our leaders."

Robin: "Look, I'm all yours."
date: "Are you a hooker?"

on Ted: "You're irrationally picky, easily distracted, and anhedonic."

doctor: "She says she'd like to see the Knights of the Poorly Constructed Round Table?"

Lily: "And it kinda smells like dude."
I love this solution to the problem.  In part because it shows that if they had actually talked it out all together the problem would have been solved no sweat.

sophomore year mix tape!
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