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How I Met Your Mother 1.04 "Return of the Shirt" [watched on tape: 04 Sept. 2006]

Barney: "That's not journalism; that's things in diapers."

Ted's Date: "When I was living in LA I was really strapped for cash, so, to make some extra money, I started making adult films."
Ted: "Wow . . . uh, how many did you make?"
Ted's Date: "175."
Lily: "Say what you will about the porn industry, but they're hard workers."

Barney: "You broke up with a porn star? Friendship over. Friendship over!"

Barney wheedling Robin -- when he physically gets down her level and is moving around her chair -- is very sexual, which I find interesting.

Barney: "Did you sleep with her sister?"
Ted: "No."
Barney: "Did you sleep with her mother?"
Ted: "No."
Barney: "I'm rapidly losing interest in your story."

Lily to Marshall's voicemail: "We're not gonna have sex for at least a month -- but you're awesome."

Barney: "You should have done it in person -- Desperate please-don't-leave-me sex is amazing."
Barney: "Also, my-sister-just-got-married-and-I'm-about-to-turn-thirty sex: fantastic."

voiceover: "That's when Robin realized that no one, not even her boss, watches Metro News 1."

Ted/sockmonkey: "Self-respect is overrated."

I actually expected her to go out with him and then dump him on his birthday.


Barney: "Six words: 'you look fat in those jeans' ... you're free to go."

Ah, tragically it totally is in character for Ted to not be able to stop himself from going through with the breakup.

voiceover: "It's a form of guerrilla street fighting (half a beat) developed by the Israeli army."

I'm annoyed by the "You got beat up by a girl" thing at the end.  I mean, I know it's understandable that a boy that age would latch onto that (and the girl seems to buy into it as well) but it feels like a cheap joke and just encourages the idea that yeah, it's shameful for a guy to get beat up by a woman.
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