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Timing.  (and other scattered thoughts)

[from my dad:] Ann Althouse is at University of Wisconsin.  Apparently someone called it "the Capital of Lesbianism."  One commenter said, "I thought the Capital of Lesbianism was somewhere in New England, Madison is County Seat of Lesbianism at most."  [P.S. The "Elizabeth" in the comments is not me, appearances to the contrary.]

Speaking of Smith....

Ah, Convocation.  Local school must have started today as well, as there were crossing guards on my way to work.

Busy day today -- until about 2pm.  I would like my brain back, as there were lots of LJ entries I wanted to leave comments on (for example) and instead I spent the afternoon basically refreshing LJ.  Tomorrow I'm bringing Astonishing to work so if nothing else I can reread and decide which panels to scan for iconning.  (Feel free to make requests, if you desire.  Though I think the three of you who read both it and this have scanner access.)

Other notes from today:
FormerUnitHead is a sweetheart.  This is not news, but is still pleasing.
Oh lovely British man who made rescheduling so easy and was such a pleasure to talk to... thank you.

(via entrenous88) Daniel Craig will have a male love interest in the next Bond movie.


I've been planning an apartment-warming probably since before I even had an apartment, to some degree, so I tend to think of it as "mine" and unconnected to the other people I live with.  OriginalRoomie, however, suggested inviting the gals who live downstairs from us.  When I came back from the grocert tonight, I got to the porch just as one of them was leaving us a reply not.  She said that they were so excited to be invited (which made me feel like even more of a schmuck for not having thought to invite them myself; I should tell NewRoomie she should feel free to invite any of her friends -- though I never see her anymore).  They're gonna bring brownies :)

I did laundry tonight and had forgotten to bring a book, so I plunked down with a table copy of InStyle.  I was on like the second page when a guy came in with a black terrier, who came over to say hello to me.  Said terrier was soon in my lap, which I hadn't expected but didn't mind.  Apparently her name is Sweetie.  I did not snark to the guy about his original naming.  I still say I'm not a pet person, but I actually really enjoyed just having her on my lap for a while, petting her.


via wisdomeagle: "At the journal of meyerlemon, share your secret fic desires, and people will totally write them for you! (At least, that is the goal.)"

Also: September Frankenmix is up.  Will take me some time to come up with songs for all those prompts.
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