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[Firefly] "War Stories"

After we watched "Ariel" yesterday, Eric looked at the DVD cover and commented about "Trash." I didn't recall that being next (it's not) so when I took it back I looked myself and commented about how I have such mixed feelings about "War Stories" (the one that was next).

I was thinking later that day how this is less and less true. The torture scenes bother me less after repeated viewings, allowing me to focus on the awesomeness of the character stuff. Plus there are assorted scenes that are made of awesome:

- Jayne with the apple on a knife saying "I'll be in my bunk."
- River shooting three men dead with her eyes closed.
- "Take me, sir. Take me hard."

Also: Zoe when they're going down the hallway in the skyplex to mount a rescue is SO SO HOT. She is also so very pretty with her hair down in the "wife soup" scene.

Oh, in the massage scene with the Councillor, Eric said she looked kinda old. Whatever. Her face is faintly lined I'll grant, but... she just looks like a normal attractive adult woman. (Looking the actress up on IMDb, she's the same age as Gina Torres. Morena Baccarin is only four and a half years older than I am. 0.0 !!! Summer Glau is two years older than I, and Jewel Staite is one year older than I.)


I love the "I threw up on your bed." / "Yep. Definitely, my sister." exchange, but watching today I noticed that after River's great explanation of lucid "normal" period that morning, she says, "I hate it because I know it'll go away." Powerful stuff there. (Also: how great is the connection of her vomiting with all the other ways her body/brain feel out of her own control?)
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