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[Firefly] "Trash" (icon used ironically)

All of us FAs (except Laura) actually had lunch together today -- which almost never happens. Mary Alice joked we should have had the Unit FA meeting today :)

As I said, this episode is probably my least favorite/IMO-the-weakest-of-the-series. I had forgotten about the awesome opening, though (and that this is the "I can kill you with my brain" episode.) Speaking of... during the "man parts" scene, Eric said something about how he could see River/Jayne as a pairing. I was really surprised by this, but without any obvious shock (I hope) I said that was actually one of my early Firefly 'ships, that I really like them dark&fucked-up -- but that what fandom gave me was crazy domestic crap, so I ran away. [Er, upon reread I realize that sounds like I like pairings dark&fucked-up as a general preference, which isn't so much the truth.]

When YoSaffBridge is all "Only one thing you gotta do if you want to be a rich woman, hon -- and that's get over it." to Zoe, Eric said "punch her!" -- which of course she does.

Mal remains way way too nice. (In my marathon commentary I discuss -- under "Our Mrs. Reynolds" -- how part of one of the "Serenity" deleted scenes helps me rationalize his continuing not-killing-her.) Although Eric fell for her weepiness, too, saying "I liked her before she turned into a softie," which surprised me a bit -- I mean, we see her constantly playing people. Near the beginning of that scene, Mal reminded me again of that young-looking Mal from the end of "Out of Gas" -- again, a different jacket than his usual browncoat, and possibly different hair again as well.

Lastly, I have in my head that Nathan Fillion had a photo of Joss covering his bits during the naked scenes, but I don't know where I heard that and my Google-fu is totally not up for the challenge.

tv.com does give me this amusing info which is new to me:
Trivia: At the end of the episode, when Mal is butt naked and talking to Zoe and Wash, when they're leaving him Wash tells Zoe, barely audibly if you listen carefully, "Zoe, he's Jewish!" You can try guessing what he's referring to.
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