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There aren’t many spoilers because i don’t have much specific stuff to say.

Buffy -- “Help”

Not the best episode of the season, but overall a good episode.

Loved Spike at the end.

And loved Willow doing the Jewish putting stones on top of a grave.

I totally didn’t notice the Cassie/Cassandra-in-Greek-myth parallel, but now that i know i’m a big fan.

Firefly -- “Jaynestown”

“Our Mrs. Reynolds” is still definitely the best episode of the season so far, but this was a good episode.

River suddenly got lucid? BIG fan of the “Your Bible’s broken. It doesn’t make sense. I’m fixing it.” The Preacher sounded somewhat heavy-handed, and i couldn’t decide if that was poor writing or atheist-Joss doing it on purpose.

River and Simon need to stop being Fred and Wesley.

“This must be what it feels like to go mad” is definitely one of my favorite lines.

I’m not sure if it’s because i am so much in the (slashy) fanfic world [i don’t even read a whole lot since i don’t have time, but i spend a lot of time there in my head] or if it’s actually purposely written this way, but it feels like they’re giving us evidence (albeit slight) to support most any pairing (you get some in one episode, then some other pairings in another episode, and so on) though it’s still obvious which pairings will be canonical. But yes, probably i am just a sick girl addicted to slash.

Angel -- “The House Always Wins”

Loved the Lorne plot, so many reasons.

Loved the Cordelia plotline, so many reasons.

The episode didn’t leave me with the feeling that it was a fabulous episode, but it was really well-done with great plotlines (though i’ve gotta tell you, Wesley on the phone with Lilah squicked me).
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