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[Firefly] "Objects in Space"

The opening sequence... I think it was the Book Jayne scene that Eric got confused. I pointed out that he's the one who keeps saying River can read minds. This raised the question of whether she's actually in the room at all, which I had never thought of but when Eric mentioned it sounded very plausible. I think she is in fact physically traveling through the ship, and everyone else is just wrapped up in their own interactions and therefore doesn't notice her much, but it is a really interesting idea.

When we see Zoe Wash and Eric was again confused I reminded him: "She feels everything; she can't not" (Simon in "Ariel").

Early is creepifyin' [I commented in a previous marathon that Joss creates a lot of v. scary villains in the brief run of this show -- Reavers, Blue Hands, Niska, Early.] but I also find him v. entertaining. I love watching him on screen with all his philosophizing and everything.

When Early and Simon are on the bridge and Early says River has to be somewhere on the ship, Eric said "She's not on this ship; she's on your ship." I was very impressed -- though of course I couldn't tell him he was right until later. At the "I am the ship" bit Eric really hoped that didn't turn out to actually be what happened but didn't actually discount the possibility that Joss would do that.


Edit: I forgot to mention, yesterday Rich asked if the Chinese actually means anything and I said yes although I understand their pronunciation is terrible, and Eric said of course there would be tons of translations online, and I mentioned the shooting scripts and commented that "I haven't memorized the translations -- yet," so of course then I went to check out the shooting script for OiS to be able to offer translations if asked, and Eric has adopted my explanation that it lets them swear colorfully on network tv but looking at the OiS translations I realized that it also makes the outbursts sound more intense where we might find them weak in English -- for example Inara's "Shut up, you inconsiderate schoolboys! This isn't a joking matter. This is about your -- about our lives. And River's."

Edit2: When Early was asking Simon if River grapples with any of the crew, might be in their quarters, Eric was all "Jayne. Check Jayne's quarters." I remain surprised though not displeased that this pairing pings him as possible -- I mean, it was one of my first extracanonical 'ships in that 'verse, but I was all about the dark&f*cked-up potential of it, which doesn't strike me as his thing especially, though of course I mostly gave up trying to come up with a consistent model of his tastes some time back.
(And in thinking about this later, it occurs to me that it is weird that Early just takes Simon's word for it that River isn't in any of the crew's quarters, especially since he doesn't seem to trust that Simon would necessarily know about it.)



When we went to get lunch, there was agreement that we were a bit sad to be watching the final episode. Eric's the only one who's seen all of them with me, though, so clearly I'll be lending them out. I gave it to Rich first; he's gonna watch it with his kids.

And clearly Eric now needs to see the movie. I finally printed out a new cover for my Serenity DVD. Eric already owns the DVD, though (of course).
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