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"I'm coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine"

Yup, definitely cramps.  Yesterday I thought it was something I ate, but today it came back and turned into something more clearly identifiable as cramps.

I'm also blaming my recent incessant hunger and possibly also the resurgence of my "omgwannamakeout" on this.  Oh and the fact that suddenly seven hours of sleep wasn't cutting it as sufficient.  Would be nice if I were regular enough to be able to predict this stuff rather than figuring it out after the fact.

No one commented on my yummy shirt today.  It's a darkish blue with silver trim (and most importantly I had forgotten how super-comfy it is) and I think it looks really good with my coloring and certainly more flattering than the turquoise loose knit sweater I wore yesterday and got two compliments on for the color.


I was telling Alyssa about people potentially staying overnight for my apartment-warming 'cause of travel time and that I've only lived there three months but I've had overnight visitors twice so far which is funny because I don't think of myself as especially social.  Alyssa said she thinks of me as very social -- that she feels like I'm always going out and doing stuff.  Which is not exactly untrue, but still surprised me.

(Later, I was thinking that only six of my friends and two of my relatives have seen my apartment since I moved in.  And Ari's the only one who's seen what it "really" looks like -- i.e., complete with living room furniture.)

The above parenthetical will change after the party.  The current attendance numbers are approximately 25-40 (the yeses plus the maybes).  Yeah, I was a little surprised, too.  This (plus an e-mail from my mom) means I may have to reevaluate the amount of food provided -- though so many people are planning on coming late and/or stopping by briefly that I probably shouldn't worry too much.  (I also need to decide about alcohol.  And find a good fruit punch recipe.)

RA called this morning, and while we were chatting she asked if I'd gotten her invitation yesterday for pre-party this Saturday -- 'cause it bounced back from a lot of people (all gmail she thought).  I said yes I got it and would probably be there around 7:30.  (The invite said 7-9.)  She said I'm always the first person there, that I get there at 7 and everyone else gets there at 8 -- and that that's cool.  I said yeah, I saw it started at 7 and thought I'd purposely try to get there a bit later than that -- "not that I don't enjoy your company" I hastened to add; she said that way (my coming at 7:30 versus 7:00) at least she'd be there :)

I sent my evite Fri. Aug. 25 -- almost exactly one month before the date of the party itself.  I've mentioned the party in front of Eric since, but I was very good and didn't explicitly ask him if he was attending.  (He's on the evite list but hasn't rsvp-ed.)  We were chatting this afternoon, though, and I did directly ask him.  He said "It's on my mind" and that "I don't know what I'm doing next weekend."  The obvious response to that (which I gave) is: "You're coming to my apartment.  That's what you're doing next weekend.  Of course."  Apparently "I don't know if I'll even be in the city next weekend.  But if I am, I'll be at your apartment."

We also talked about our plans for this weekend, and he thinks I'm a bit young to be attending "luncheons."  To me, the word conjures up church functions (which is what this is) rather than specifically old lady functions (though okay, the two are clearly related).  Thoughts?


I'm considering adding ":[text]" to my "tv: firefly: episodes" tags to demarcate episode -- in part for easy searching (the point of tags, right?) and also because in my first-run viewing (just backtagged today) I didn't always name the episode and would like to be able to see which episode prompted any given vague squee without having to go look up original airdates.  This would be an additional rather than a replacement tag; so you could still view all the episode entries in one full list.

The more I backtag the more I wish the S1 display could show you all the tags on an entry when you're viewing a page of entries by tag.  Does that sentence make sense?  I mean the username.livejournal.com/tag/yaddayadda display.  (I also really dislike that S1 forces tag display into this very basic page; one thing I love about S1 is that I can have different looks for different stuff -- journal mainpage, calendar, friendspage.  However, they have finally coded in Previous/Next 20 so you don't have to manually add ?skip= onto the end of the URL when viewing an S1 journal by tags.  So that is a huge huzzah.)

I am trying to force myself to just tag by content as I go so I can have a prayer of getting all these entries tagged and then I can go back and smooth out the redundancies and clarify what specific tags mean.  Either way it is so intimidating/daunting, though.

Would it surprise anyone that I have only tagged a small fraction of my <3,000 entries and currently have 435 tags?  Is the more appropriate question whether that fact would scare anyone?


Every time I hear Patty Griffin's "Mary" now I think about how I chose it for "A song about the end of the world" for August's frankenmix.  (And I also still always think about the Inara vid which introduced me to the song.)
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