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"This life holds its secrets like the sea"

Johnnie's FoodMaster apparently does have a selection of Quaker granola bars after all.  And it's a good thing I didn't buy more needs-to-be-refrigerated food for the party in my grocery run today than what I did because OriginalRoomie's family is visiting this week and also bought food and now our refrigerator is now absolutely packed.  Seriously, you can barely fit any additional food in there.

Staples at Harvard Square has VHS tapes.  Woot.

OriginalRoomie's family rented an auto, so we can get a recycling bin without me having to take time off work.  Made of awesome.

Of course, I still have a hell of a To Do List which needs to fit in between the following plans for the coming week: 

Saturday: 7pm+ birthday partying with RA
Sunday: Sunday morning CAUMC [10:45am], followed by YA luncheon, possibly going to Constitution Marina for a boat ride afterward
Monday: China Fair at Porter Square after work to check out the window shade, CAUMC dinner+bookstudy, tape HIMYM S2 premiere [8:30pm, CBS]
Tuesday: first day of Joyce class
Wednesday: [via QueerAgenda list] "Celebrate Bisexuality Day: Celebrating Successes and Considering Challenges / 6:30-10:30pm / at Christopher's Restaurant and Bar in Porter Square // Doors open/Food served 6:30. Panel 7-8:30. More food & socializing 8:30-10:30. // Free food.Music.Cash bar. // Admission is FREE and open to all. Christopher's Restaurant and Bar is at 1920 Mass. Ave. in Cambridge, ? block from the Porter T."
Thursday: CSI S7 premiere [9pm, CBS]
I'm also debating taping it and going to this play [also from qa.org]
Martha Southgate - Third Girl from the Left -- FREE
Center for New Words, 7 Temple Street, Cambridge, MA - wheelchair accessible

The Edwards women have always looked to the movies as a way to escape the constraints of her own life. But for Mildred, a straight-laced survivor of the 1921 Tulsa race riots, her daughter Angela’s turn as a blaxploitation actress is unforgivable, and the distance between them grows into a silence that lasts for years. It is only when Angela’s daughter, Tamara, a filmmaker, sets out to close the rift between them that the women are forced to confront all that has been silenced and left unspoken in their lives. An enormously entertaining yet serious novel ranges freely through time, fact, and fiction to weave an enthralling story about history and art and their place in the lives of three African American women.

Friday: people here?
Saturday: apartment-warming
Tags: apartment: living, planning ahead, to do lists

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