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How I Met Your Mother 1.10 "The Pineapple Incident" [watched on tape: 2006-09-16]

[quotes from tv.com]

I wouldn't say this as awesome as trijinx made it out to be, but I did enjoy it.

So glad that Barney's "Daddy's home" didn't actually work.

I really liked seeing the pieces of Ted's night pieced together by other people. (And yeah, my initial thought at seeing the woman in his bed was "Robin" but my immediate second thought was that she totally wouldn't do that.)

Barney really did set Ted's coat on fire. Serious points for credible threat (one of my Big Things).

Robin, why did you keep answering the phone when Ted was calling? (Oh, and rounding up: hee!)

Vomit-free since '93, huh? This is set in 2005, so that would be 12 years earlier. The pilot establishes that Ted is 27 in mainflashback time, so that's age 15.

I feel bad for Trudy. And looking at IMDb -- to check if I should have recognized her from somewhere, though I didn't think I should have -- I learn that one could write really interesting fic connecting this character to one of the other characters the actress previously played.

Oh, and I love that Marshall totally backtracked on his "Yay drunk Ted" when Ted told Carl about Marshall's suspicions of vampirism.

Of course drunk!Ted would be just as obsessed with Robin as sober!Ted is. (I like Barney being frustrated that his plan wasn't going as, well, planned.)

And yes, telling Robin she should be on 60 Minutes, that she should be one of the minutes, is sweet, and odd.

The idea of telling someone you're over them even when you're not is interesting to me 'cause I'm so all about the honesty but it's also really awkward to be "Yes I'm still attracted to you, but I value our friendship and want to remain friends with you even though I know we won't get together romantically."
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