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As Monday draws to a close...

RA was sympathetic to the fact that Enormous Room wasn't really my scene, and was glad I came anyway. (The actually left not too long after I did and headed to Phoenix Landing.)

Alyssa's idea, we all chipped in and bought RA (who does tons of cooking) a set of good knives. She was so touched. It was pretty awesome.

OriginalRoomie's mom wants to buy me something as like a housewarming gift (OriginalRoomie already came up with an idea for NewRoomie, but -- shockingly -- I am less intuitive). OR!Mom has so far suggested candles and plants, both of which I vetoed.

evite party recipes are (a) so fancy (appetizer: Foie Gras and Cream Eggs!), (b) so meat-centric (side dish: Pancetta Green Beans??!!)


We did not start The West Wing today, because Mary Alice loaned S1 to someone and needs to retrieve. Eric is the opposite of excited about watching this show. Apparently he doesn't watch police/politics/courtroom shows 'cause they're too serious. And yet people think we should hook up. Also, he's oppposed to my "silence during tv" stance. I pointed out that we had a conversation not that long ago wherein he agreed with me on the "silence during tv" stance. He said he both agrees and disagrees. Yeah, I rolled my eyes.

So, do we remember how Eric bought the James Marsters season of Smallville and then got sucked into it (plus if it's on sale, he will buy it)? This is what we're gonna end up watching until Mary Alice re-procures The West Wing. [Though I was proud of us; we had an entire lunch hour today with nothing on the small screen.] I said I'd never seen more than the dramatic end few minutes but it seemed very soap-opera-y (he agreed), "and also very gay," I added, and the disbelieving look on his face at my statement was suitably entertaining. [Mary Alice was concerned about committing to an entire season of another show before getting to The West Wing, but I assured her that while I was interested in watching an episode of this show I was definitely not committing to an entire season and we could cut it short to watch West Wing easily.]

Oh, and Eric's gonna watch Heroes [premiering next Monday at 9pm on NBC]. So that should be interesting (i.e., having a show to discuss with him in realtime).

Oh, at one point during lunch (we're talking maybe quarter of one), the temp joked, "Oh, it's breakfast time for [Prof.N.]." Yeah, she met her for the first time at 3pm on Friday.


I keep checking ingredient labels on stuff when I'm grocery shopping and really not knowing whether certain stuff is vegan and then forgetting to Google when I get home. I finally remembered at work today. Apparently: Casein is not vegan, Calcium carrageenan is vegan, Calcium carbonate can be vegan (and can be not vegan, depending).


joie_de_bruit says WinAmp will play .m4a's. Will have to try this when I get home. Anyone wanna share thoughts/knowledge in advance?
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