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in the continuing saga of what we watch at lunch

Subject: Today's Selection

Dear all,
    I almost forgot to bring something in for lunch – but I figured since no one was too keen on an episode of smallville I also brought in desperate housewives. It’s up to you guys, so make a choice…

Lunch at 12:30 ?

I called Eric and said "You really thought that would be a better choice than Smallville?"
him: "For everyone but you, yes. I put you squarely in the 'Hating Desperate Housewives' column. All by yourself."
I said I'd actually never seen Desperate Housewives and would definitely be interested in seeing it. Then, "You just don't wanna hear me talk about how gay Smallville is."
him: "Of course. I wanna hear you talk about how gay Desperate Housewives is."
me: "That's fair."

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