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[Smallville] "Pilot"

The previous entry about the e-mail/phone? Eric came up a couple minutes later to tell me that Katie didn't care -- so I guess he was coming up to talk to Mary Alice (who I think was the opposite of excited about either one equally). Fifteen minutes later we were heading to lunch and still didn't have a decision. Mary Alice suggested flipping a coin. So we ended up with Smallville.


Football team? There's no way for that to be fair. He's somehow gonna focus on modulating his speed (nevermind his reflexes) consistently throughout the entirety of every single game? His father's point about the heat of the game is a good one, though of course as a media viewer I'm thinking more along the lines of: You'll use your superpowers to save someone, and then people will become suspicious.

Clark was worried about being a loser. I said he was very pretty and therefore wouldn't be a loser. Eric said he's too pretty, looks feminine. I don't really think he looks feminine -- though he certainly has softer features than a stereotypical masculine ideal -- though I'm not surprised that he's not a Popular Guy (esp. given who/what his character needs to be).

When he sped to school I commented that he doesn't know he can fly yet. Eric said he can't fly yet -- that he's like a solar battery.

Okay, Clarks friends are Chloe and Pete. I recognized Chloe from pictures but Pete only sounds vaguely familiar. (This does not surprise me because of course fandom is gonna be all about the hot main guys together or factioning around which girl gets with the main guy.)

Clark's mad crush on Lana... wow they're really pushing the "Clark is a regular teenage guy" thing. Which is an idea I can actually get behind -- having Clark be a Good Guy but unbelievably so.

(Mary Alice couldn't believe they were doing Nietzsche. Eric said he did Nietzsche in a high school class. I am impressed.)

Ah, dramatic closeup on Lana's kryptonite (but of course they don't know that's what it is yet) necklace. I feel confident in saying that I would not want a piece of a rock that killed my parents.

"Whitney is a girl's name," I quipped.
"Whitney ain't a girl," Eric responded appropriately.

I disapprove of not telling Clark. Okay it's harder than the usual "You were adopted," but still. (Hi, I have Honesty Issues.) Interesting the idea of the meteor making lots of freaks. (Certainly gives Clark's parents an easy out for not telling him.) Very much a comic book device; Eric somewhat huffily informed me that it wasn't used in the comics, just in the show. He later told me that the rest of S1 was actually painful to watch, very "freak of the week," though S2 is good. I said: "So if we still don't have West Wing you should bring in Season 2 to watch." He protested that a lot changes by the end of Season 1. I responded, "So I should watch the rest of Season 1 and then you can bring in Season 2 for all of us to watch." He agreed. I said that really was the kind of thing I would do (i.e., suffer through an entire season) because character arc are important. He said, "I agree."
me: "We agree on something. When does that happen?"
him: "This is probably the first time. And it'll probably be the last."

Anyway, returning to the show commentary (from memory):

Lex's "We could be a team" (or whatever he says) was played so slashy. I mean, I get that Clark saved Lex's life and Lex is both grateful and suspicious, but I'm like "Why do you like this kid so much?" I mean, there are plenty of other Smallville freaks (witness Chloe's wall) and trying to win over one whose father hates you isn't the easiest thing ever (though hell, maybe he likes a challenge -- and certainly Clark would be far more useful than most of the freaks given his powers).

Also, Lex was nine, Clark was a toddler, so there's a significant age difference (6, 7 years). Huh. The age differential isn't quite enough to place Lex as a college grad, so is he just mooching around his father's business? I get that vast wealth is an easy plot device to remove the necessity of going to college, but (esp. working at a business school) I feel like he would be sent to college anyway.

"I have a destiny."
"So do I."

And so Superman is born. (The scarecrow S on the chest is an obvious precurser to the Superman uniform, and I like the resonance of that, of it commemorating this vulnerability.)

I thought Jeremy was gonna be dead when he was electrocuted inside his truck. Amnesia seems a pat happy ending.

Hee to Clark stacking the trucks, though.

Oh, and the graveyard scene? When Clark chimes in with a message from Lana's mom I literally had tears. Yes, I am a huge sap.
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