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My NotBoyfriend is adorable.

Eric just bought My Name Is Earl on DVD and Mary Alice loves the show, so it trumped our other soap opera options forn today's lunchtime viewing (since The West Wing has not yet been returned to Mary Alice). I was not excited about watching this show (he looked so deflated at this news; I think he's a people pleaser) but I was willing to watch it (esp. since I'm hoping we'll have West Wing tomorrow). So we watched the pilot. (This is what? the third show I've seen recently which doesn't give its pilot episode a real title -- HIMYM, Smallville, My Name is Earl.)

I enjoyed it a lot despite myself. Things made of win include daytime hooker and canon gay. (We also watched the "lost" pilot -- "Bad Karma" Exclusive Earl Mis-Adventure in the main episode listing -- which, again with the hella gay.)

He said something about some show (I think The West Wing) not being gay and I said, "I can make anything gay. Do you doubt me?"
He responded: "Not even for a second."

Eric says that that Desperate Housewives is more gay than Smallville. (I thought of thelastgoodname's comment :) but didn't have a chance to mention it.) He said something about Matt from Melrose Place being on it and I didn't have a chance to say "Oh, I was thinking of the women actually." [I wasn't even gonna try to get into how: Having an actor on your show who once played a gay character does not make your show gay.]

Also, apparently Grey's Anatomy requires too much suspension of disbelief for him.


After lunch, I asked him if he was coming to my party on Saturday and he said he might have to go to a birthday dinner for his dad that night. I pointed out that he could just come to my party in the afternoon. He is the second person (RA was the first) to think it was strictly an evening affair. He also said that if I had a smaller gathering he'd be more likely to come 'cause he doesn't like large groups of people he doesn't know. (This actually surprised me -- both parts.) I said my friend Emma, who was one of the friends of mine I thought could outdork him [this references a conversation we had quite a while back], was gonna be there and I'd love to see them talk. (I didn't have a chance to mention she's also the one who likes "bad" movies.)

him: "The thing about my dorkiness is that I'm not committed to it."
me: "Are you committed to anything?"

Spurred by this he insisted on showing me a video of his (in his view) incredibly dorky younger self. [There is no way I can tell this story without it sounding like flirting, even though it didn't feel like that -- just felt very random, especially because I feel like he usually avoids talking about his family much.] It's just a short video of him and his family ten years ago (though I think he looks younger in it than he is now). Alyssa walked by to use the copier or something and he called her over to show her as well. It was very bizarre. But I watched him type in the URL -- [hislastname].org -- plus he never closed the window (we got distracted trying to make the video play) so I was putzing around on that and enjoying the stalkability. (His uncle put it together, and it has awesome stuff like a family genealogy.)


He called me later and said "You're probably gonna yell at me for this, or laugh at me, because I could probably just look it up myself just as quickly, but if you know it off the top of your head, what's Cailin's number?"


Edit: Speaking of adorable, birthday lunch invite from Cailin: No RSVP necessary because you are all coming! : P
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