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"I don't need no one to tell me about heaven"

Eric says he's probably coming on Saturday. (His dad's birthday thing is still up in the air, but it's looking like this weekend won't be a good weekend.) He says he's probably coming around 4 'cause that's when Cailin and Alyssa and Nicole (i.e., all the attendees we mutually know from work) are expecting to arrive.

me: "What, 'cause the rest of my friends scare you?"
him: "Basically, yeah."

He asked if my family was gonna be there and was bummed that my brother wasn't gonna be there, 'cause he's heard about him and would like to meet him. I barely talk about my brother (to the point where during this conversation I said something about how we're very different -- in response to a comment about a male version of me -- he expressed surprise) so this struck me as very strange, but whatever; I was actually afraid when he asked that he was gonna be all "Oh that would be so awkward being at a party with your parents; now I don't wanna come."

Edit: The boy continues to impress me. Somehow "I think therefore I am" came up this morning while we were chatting, and I learned that he took a Philosophy class in college. (Something I kinda wish I had done, actually. But of course there are tons of classes I would have liked to have had the time to take.) And after lunch I e-mailed saying where I recognized the girl in The West Wing from and Eric (who has nothing to do this afternoon -- all his profs are in meetings or whatever) wrote me back this page long e-mail about the kind of shows he can't get into (of which House is absolutely one), which is actually a topic we've been discussing intermittently for some time now.
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