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[The West Wing] 1.02 + 1.03 "Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc" & "A Proportionate Response"

Post hoc ergo propter hoc is Latin for "after this, therefore because of this." It is often shortened to simply post hoc.

Early in 1.02, CJ and Toby are walking and Eric totally calls that they're gonna hook up. Hey, I'm supposed to be the one pairing up people left and right.

Mary Alice was all "This episode just breaks your heart," so I expected the black guy to get killed when they were talking about him going overseas (esp. since he's got the new baby and all). I actually didn't cry during that episode. I did get all teary at the end of 1.03 when Bartlet gets Charlie's records pulled (okay, possibly some handwaving suspension of disbelief needed there given the elapsed time) and connects Charlie's history to one of their Administration's political issues (recall the assault weapons conversation in 1.01).

I was really surprised (though not displeased) that a show written by a liberals, with a very sympathetic President, would show said President advocating a disproportionate response. (And steeped in religious language, too. See sangerin and I on my previous entry on having a deeply religious President who also well separates church and state.) I really appreciated that the show had a thoughtful discussion of proportional response.

I'm really uncomfortable around the idea of Sam trying to reform the call girl. (Also, WHAT did he pull at that dinner? Does he have no people skills at all?)

Oh, and Mandy is v. v. pretty but also psychotic. I really like her black woman partner, though.

CJ is awesome. (V. interesting seeing her have an argument twice, with the opposition the second time using her own arguments from the first time and her using the same arguments that whomever was arguing with her earlier was. She's very aware of the multiple sides of things, which of course I really appreciate.)
P.S. Maybe Eric was right and it is (at least in part) a lighting issue; because she looked physically bad at the press conference this episode as well but fine in all the other scenes.

One thing I find interesting is that I adore the support staff (Donna, Mrs. Landingham, Kathy) because it so hits home, which totally would not have pinged me like that were I watching this first run. (I was 16 -- 11th grade -- when it started.)
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