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[The West Wing] 1.04 "Five Votes Down"

I edited my post on the pilot of The West Wing 'cause I'd forgotten about the disagreement Eric and I had about the song that was playing in Mandy's car in her first scene.  (I was right, of course.  Though I honestly almost expected to be wrong because it's music, which is not my forte.  Hee, pun.  Feel free to debate the pronunciation if you wish.)  I e-mailed the group this morning with the info ('cause that's what I do).  Eric responded: "Dorkiest….E-mail…Ever…"  I think that's overstating things 'cause really, we have a long history.  It's possible that he's even sent dorkier e-mails.


As for this episode...


[Quotes from westwingtranscripts.com.  Reading the transcript I definitely caught how some stuff connected/progressed that I hadn't when actually watching the episode.]

I didn't feel like the character developments or the political plots in this episode were particularly stand-out.  One thing that really stands out in my memory, however, is the comfortable working relationship they all have.  They poke fun at each other and defend each other and help each other out -- and yes it reminds me of the FA group in my office.  CJ and Josh possibly remind me of me and Eric.  But only the general dynamic -- see below quotes -- not that I'm equating Josh with Eric (or CJ with myself, for that matter).
GIRLS IN THE CROWD: We love you, Josh!
JOSH: Thanks!
C.J. [to girls] It helps not to know him!

C.J.: Leo, your food's getting cold. Want me to bring it over?
JOSH [plaintively] Isn't my food getting cold too?
C.J.: We ate your food.
37 pages vs. 2½ paragraphs.  Yeah, I would so be Toby.  (Not that I necessarily would be that good, but I would totally be that kind of credit whore.)

Oh, Charlie.  "Sir, I don't want to get in trouble with the First Lady..."

Josh scares me bullying the Congresspeople.

I dislike Sam's attitude toward Toby, his whole "helping" attitude.

I understand the frustration with a gun control bill that doesn't do much, but why vote against it?  I wish they'd gotten into that more.

I called the divorce at the anniversary.  And, oh, poor Leo.  Ever telling your spouse that anything is more important than your marriage, even for a limited period of time, is such a bad idea (and hey, remember my HIMYM comments on how love isn't necessarily enough?) but oh he loves her so much.
     JENNY: "And I'll talk to you later."
     LEO: "You'll call me?" / "Call me before you go to sleep."

I love Josh's line "You're voting down a measure that would restrict the sale of deadly weapons because nobody invited you to the cool kids' table?" but it is also very true that all politicians have to look after their own self-interest, so I appreciate that we get to see

Hoynes really is a good guy -- at least in some ways.  I like that they don't make him one-dimensional.


JOSH to CJ: "I want you to look calm while I'm telling you this." / "Nice job looking calm."

C.J.: I thought it was inspired.
TOBY: Why do you keep saying stuff like that to me?
C.J. [laughing] Just to watch your face turn that color.

SAM: We try and avoid having the President make aesthetic decisions.
MANDY: I made the decision.
SAM: Right. And I don't mean to step on your toes, but you might want to rethink marrying the lines 'Kids are dead. Kids are dead!' and 'Happy Days Are Here Again.'

BARTLET: What'd you think?
TOBY: I thought my work was outstanding, Mr. President.
BARTLET: I thought you would.
TOBY: Thanks for asking. [pause] Couldn't help but notice you got a little extemporaneous there in the D section.
BARTLET: Oh, you noticed that, did you?
TOBY: Yes sir, I did.
BARTLET: Yes. I did a little polish right up there on my feet.
TOBY: Yes indeed.
BARTLET: Right in front of everybody. I looked to the side at one point, you know. I half expected to see you coming at me with a salad fork.
TOBY: Well, but for the Secret Service agents restraining me, sir.
BARTLET: Yup. Thank God for the Secret Service.
TOBY: Bless their hearts...
BARTLET: [sees a couple getting friendly in the hall] Hey there, fella. She deserves a nice room and some supper.
TOBY: You like doing that, don't you sir?
BARTLET [smiles] Yeah.

CHARLIE: Mrs. Bartlet seemed quite adamant. I'd describe her tone as being...
BARTLET: You don't have to describe her tone to me, Charlie. I've been married to it for 32 years.
CHARLIE: Sir, I don't want to get in trouble with the First Lady...

SAM: Where are you going?
JOSH [stops and looks at Sam] Where are you going?
SAM: I was following you.
JOSH: I was following you. [pause] All right, don't tell anyone this happened, okay?
[Josh heads back towards his office as Toby comes around the corner.]

C.J.: 145 dollar Armani cravat, which I'm pretty sure is a necktie. It was a gift from his brother-in-law. He gave it away to the Salvation Army. Information I'm sure the President would prefer his brother-in-law did not have.
REPORTER: C.J., I'm curious about the President's farm in Manchester. The property value increased seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. What's that due to?
C.J.: Secret Service improvements.
REPORTER: Can you do into detail please?
C.J.: The property now includes a helipad and the ability to run a global war from the sun porch.

DONNA: All right. Well, then this entire conversation served only as a reminder.
JOSH: Actually, it only served as a colossal waste of time and energy. Keep up the good work.

JOSH: Name for me please the weapons banned in this bill and why you feel they should be legal.
JOSH: They're both copycats of the AR 15 assault rifle that was banned two years ago. It's the exact same gun.
WICK: Calm down...
JOSH: It's back. They just changed the grip. How 'bout the Pat Maxi?
WICK: Semi-automatic, muzzle barrel...
JOSH [yells] It's a grenade launcher!
WICK: Yes, I'm trying to...
JOSH: You know, I realize as an adult not everyone shares my view of the world. And with an issue as hot as gun control I'm prepared to accept a lot of different points of view as being perfectly valid. But we can all get together on the grenade launcher, right?

JOSH: You're voting down a measure that would restrict the sale of deadly weapons because nobody invited you to the cool kids' table?
WICK: Got your attention.
JOSH: You know, I'm so sick of Congress I could vomit. [starts to leave but turns back] What do you want?
WICK: A round of golf.
JOSH: President doesn't play golf.
WICK: What does he play?
JOSH: Chess.
WICK: Over brandy. With the White House photographers and we're fine.
JOSH: He's going to kick your ass, you know.
WICK: Whatever. You know, I really don't appreciate you calling...
JOSH: Chris, you're a Congressman. You've gotta make that real. This time it was me in the Mural Room. Trust me when I tell you, you do not wanna have this conversation with the guy who works next door. [leaves and sees the staff waiting outside] You guys take care. [walks away]

JOSH: I really thought a nice by-product of not going out with you anymore would be that you wouldn't yell at me anymore.
MANDY: That was a bit unrealistic, wasn't it?

JOSH: It's a crappy law.
JOSH: No, it is. I should know. I helped write it.
HOYNES: You did very well.
JOSH: I'd say it's roughly the equivalent of fighting the war against tobacco by banning certain color matchbook covers.
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