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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

Heroes 1.01 "Pilot Episode"

Star Wars-esque text roll?  Super-cheesy.

The episode generally starts out slow.  I stuck it out but found myself thinking a lot about the opening of the "Serenity" pilot episode.  (Every show I've seen recently, actually, I've been thinking about what kind of a job it does appealing to people who don't already love it.)

It has potential, and obviously I'm engaged/interested enough to keep watching.

The invulnerable blond girl is made of win.  I'm also interested to see what they do with the flying brothers and the two-part woman with the bi(multi?)racial genius son.  And of course I'm fascinated by the painter who sees the future.  His girlfriend is also beautiful, though I'm wary of the love triangle they're setting up.

The racial/ethnic representation stuff is of course problematic [admittedly I was primed for this, having read some commentary on oyceter's journal or somewhere] with all the super-powered people being white except a philosophizing Indian professor (who does the framing voiceovers) and a Japanese man who wants to be different, special, not homogeneous.  I did enjoy the geek references (heavy Star Trek in the Japan sections, the genius black boy reading a comic, and of course made of win was a Kitty Pryde reference).

And why does everything have to be in NYC?  Not that I actively dislike NYC, it's just not the center of the world.  And so far absolutely nothing has been specific to NYC.  It could be Boston or Chicago or whatever.  I do like how the characters converge.  (Obviously Vegas girl will end up there.)  Japanese guy's powers increasing so quickly I do not so much buy, however.

And yes, I am doing my spoiler-phobic thing and not watching the previews for next week(s).

Any writeups from people who saw this ep in advance that I should read?
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