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"I don't got no reasons, yet / There it is and there it was"

Wow, my October is filling up. I think I'm gonna end up getting Kieslowski from MLN rather than watching it at the MFA. Smithies: Is there good time in November for me to visit? (Sidenote: Massachusetts fan cons in November. Also, Common Rotation is at Club Passim -- Harvard Square -- Sat. Nov. 11.)


omg, I am such a stalker. It's possible I should be ashamed of this.

Eric sent me an e-mail forward and of course I had to check the full To list, and of course Adrien was on there, and it was a yahoo address and of course I googled it and found her fanworks page and lo a LiveJournal as well (though it's almost entirely fannish, and she does indeed do anime/manga -- i.e., fandoms I have no familiarity with).

[This morning I thanked Alyssa for her yesterday's e-mail and she affirmed that I'm not neurotic and I had to admit that I am sometimes/in some ways neurotic. Of course this e-mail prompted my growing neuroses. I was looking at the To list, and of course I'm the only one from work on it -- which totally makes sense but also gets my brain going in the "Maybe there is something to this" direction even though I know that's ridiculous. Michelle from downstairs, whom he commutes to work with, was also on the To list. It's really bad that I find myself jealous. 'Cause hi, she's engaged. OBVIOUSLY there is nothing to this. This neuroticism is of course well familiar to me. I just still manage to be more objective and rational than some people.]

This was written this morning. I think my sanity has returned, for the time being anyway.


I was looking at icon comms for the first time in a while and snagged this one from naughtyelf and was then browsing her journal and this entry... I'm sorry, I'll return when I finish being ded from sex.


I had already learned that IMDb has beautiful promo shots of the Heroes stars, but just today learned of the existence of heroes_icons [via TBQ].


In other news... the morning's mail included a flyer for "The Little Prince Teacher: Assessing Your Management Style." ("This workshop uses an original video interpretation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's classic story, The Little Prince, to help managers identify and assess their management style.")

FormerUnitHead ran through his schedule for the next few days (it includes "Flying to Chicago to help my daughter build a loft in her dorm room") and ended with "I'll be in mid-day Monday. Monday's a Jewish holiday, but I assume we'll be in full bloom here." Sorry, "full bloom" just amused me. [I also find myself thinking of the Nirvana song, which is just weird.]
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