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"this is my skeleton / this is the skin it's in" [ani difranco: "shamless"]

This is my three-thousandth LJ entry. I've had this LJ almost exactly 4½ years (Oct. 1 would be exactly) and average more than 2 entries per day.

I never know what to say in these anniversary entries, but I always want to mark them.

I've been backtagging sporadically for months now, and it's been interesting reliving portions of my life -- since I put basically my entire life in my LJ.

My entries have ranged from very brief announcements of snow or schoolwork procrastination to massive posts of excerpts from political commentaries and writeups of tv shows/movies/books. I've chronicled over three years of college and more than a year post-college. Umpteen crushes, assorted fallings-out with friends. A transition into engagement with political issues and then a hiatus I'm still coming out from. I've also become addicted to LJ icons.

I still haven't mastered the balance of "writing for me" and "writing for an audience," am still stubbornly not locking any entries (except some private-locked ones) which will certainly come back to bite me, and am still learning how to tell stories.
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