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"she said i've been out now for all of three hours"

I averaged 7hrs of sleep per night this week.  Last night I got 8 (though I also took a nap for 2+ hours that evening).  I read 20 pages of Portrait this morning and didn't want to go apple-picking but went anyway, which (thankfully) ended up being a very good decision.

We met Caroline and her roommate Heather.  (Why is everyone named Heather or Eric or Michelle or Meredith or Nicole?)  Apparently Caroline had come to church last year and met Trelawney (who was sick today) but hadn't met any of the rest of us.  They were both very cool people.  We went to Bolton Spring Farm, and I rode with Mike and Andrew but then went apple-picking with Caroline and Heather (who recommends Pink Lady Apples if you can ever find them).  We talked about lots of stuff, and tv was one of them, and Caroline watches Grey's Anatomy, and it is still true that having only seen ~4 episodes of the show and sporadically reading jennyo and fox1013 I totally have opinions on stuff.  And by "stuff" I obviously mean the Mer/Der saga.  (Yes, Victoria, I did use the phrase "should be eaten by bears."  As a statement of how some people I know feel; not watching the show much my own opinion is more moderate.  Where did that phrase come from, anyway?)  I bought Cinnamon Bread at the shop and then got a hot apple dumpling, a vanilla ice cream, and a bottle of water.  I rode home with Mike and Andrew and conversation included politics, and I really miss being engaged and informed (I was just thinking about this yesterday, in fact) but I was very pleased that I didn't feel the urge to hurt either of them; and I like Mike a lot.
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