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Without a Trace 5.02 "Candy"

Football must have run late, 'cause I tuned in at 10pm and was in the midst of a Cold Case (4.02 "The War at Home") -- which of course I got sucked into watching. Good episode.


I love Vivian. "Don't get fired before I get back. I don't want to miss the drama."

Hee, Jack, "I'd do it myself, but..." (suggesting that Elena go undercover at the strip club).

Okay, what was the movie? (The b&w scary movie that Martin says "I love that movie" after they bust into the apartment.)

Ah, Danny's so into Elena. Aren't they supposed to have some sort of history? I didn't really follow that, but I know there was talk about that in assorted press stuff, and there was definitely some scene early in her time on the show that made it clear she and Danny knew each other beforehand.

Martin... having moved into "I am in control of this situation" mode re: his addiction -- whips out his red tag: "Three months sober; I know a junkie when I see one."

The unease on Anne's face (and in her voice/words) in that end scene where Jack was talking about the baby indicated to me a strong possibility that she is no longer pregnant. Though all episode I was feeling like she was gonna break up with him (and not even from the scene about whether the real estate agent should stop looking), so it could be that.


bouncer: "Aren't you supposed to be doing something important... like stopping Al-Qaeda?"
Jack: "You know, when we need some help with that we'll let you know. But we're pretty good at multi-tasking."
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