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"It's the same old town that bled her dry"

I downloaded this song as part of the July frankenmix and have listened to it a few times since, but Black Dahlia meant nothing to me aside from the fact that I knew a dahlia was a flower (and I know what color black is).  I've since become vaguely aware of the movie, so "The Black Dahlia she's smiles and smiles" is creeptastic.  (The line that follows -- Subject line of this post -- is also creepy, with the double meaning.)

P.S. What is up with everyone suddenly joining facebook?  OriginalRoomie friended me the other day, and tonight athene and Mike from CAUMC (that's the one that most impresses me, btw) friended me.  They're all new to facebook, as well.  Late-September/early-October doesn't strike me as peak facebook-joining time, but whatever.  Of course my primary concern is my facebook profile has a link to my domain, from which it's easy to get to my LiveJournal.

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