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"Lucifer, dawn of de morning! I'm gonna, chase you out of Earth"

Last night I read the first chapter of Ulysses and then took a nap.  Yeah, rock on.  I woke up c. 11pm, so then I just got ready for bed for real.  However, I failed at falling asleep, in large part because my mind was racing re: something someone had said after work that day.  I hadn't at the time said "Wait, are you talking about who I think you're talking about?" but of course I have an obsessive personality.  So after about an hour I got up and read Chapters 2-3 (the remainder of the reading assignment).

Eric ran 5mi. with Mary Alice yesterday.  I wasn't expecting him to be able to do it, though he's a stubborn masochist so I figured he would do it and would then show up to work dead.  She made him warm up and stretch afterwards and drove him home, and he's pretty much fine today.  (And also looking v. good. /shallow)

She came in late (but also v. not dead -- he was worried she would be sore because she went faster than her usual pace; his legs are so much longer than hers) and I felt awkward but had to ask her about what she'd said yesterday.  She actually said she thought I knew.  I am clearly not being rewarded for my attempts to code people not on the superficial trappings but rather on how I see them interact with people/media.  (Doesn't help when people are cagey about their private lives.)  I've been mulling on this all day -- I mentioned I'm obsessive, right? -- and I think the crux of my issue with this is that I wasn't told, and I feel crummy when someone doesn't trust me with information like that -- though I know he doesn't tend to share, and she only knows 'cause she flat-out asked -- though she read him as gay since like the beginning, which amuses me given the "you should date" contingent.  [Yes, I've clearly given up on even the pretense of crypticness at this point in the entry.]  I also really feel like it was actively hidden, which bothers me on a lot of levels.  And yes, I'm frustrated that I was so wrong, and I'm still suffering cognitive dissonance.

I'm hetting up in my old age.  I'm not reading everybody as queer, plus I'm finding male persons attractive more than I used to.  (On a purely aesthetic level, I've usually been all about female bodies 'cause male bodies were just boring.)


This afternoon at work, my cell phone rang, and it was an HBS number that I recognized, though it didn't occur to me until afterward that that's 'cause it was my number.  (I do know my number, but it's not like I'm used to seeing it come up on Caller ID.)  In a bad computer-generated voice it was "This is Joss Whedon.  Will you marry me?"  Even without being able to make out the name, I knew it was clearly from Eric (who else knows both my work and cell phone numbers?).  He and Katie came by a couple minutes later to find out if I'd answered it :)  (His computer was being worked on, so he was up next to Katie for a couple hours.)  Apparently this comes from dialpeople.com (via bored.com)

There have been times when I've watched/taped something and come back to the living room later and noticed it was still taping and stop/ejected it.  I didn't check after VMars on Tuesday, though, but when I went to swap out the tape this morning I saw it was already ejected.  It had played to the end.  I put it back in, rewound, and found it had taped NBC.  wtf?  (Yes, I checked and the timer setup was for the channel my tv tells me is CW.)
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