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[girliness] hair, food, etc. [girl night]

I haven't posted about it 'cause I'm behind in writeups, but I like the haircut I got on Saturday at Blu a lot.  I wanted to get my hair cut anyway, and this one turned out to be v. much worth the price (which, $35, is probably quite reasonable).  The stylist (Erin) really understood what I meant by wash 'n' wear, so my hair looks almost as good when I do it myself as it did that afternoon.


Cailin convinced me to get my eyebrows done at Michaud.  This was way more a concession to Cailin than it was an excitement from my end.

I was warned it would hurt (Alyssa gave me Aleve a half hour beforehand) but was not warned that it would make me feel like sneezing.  It wasn't too bad, though.  And the pain really wasn't that bad (At one point Cailin said, "You're remarkably calm.") though obviously I'm not excited about doing it again (though yes I know it gets less painful the more you do it).

Sara (Cailin's recommended stylist) said I had a good line, so she was basically just going to do cleanup work.  This, of course, made me feel like, "And I'm paying $40 for this, why?"  It definitely looks different, though.  Which, y'know, is the point.  I don't have a good/bad opinion yet; am stuck on "different."  "Striking" is the word that keeps coming to mind.  Looking in the mirror at home, though, it's not quite as drastic as I had first thought -- which is good (though she really wasn't kidding that my right brow is higher than my left).  The spontaneous reaction of everyone was that they looked really good.  Cailin said I should ask Mary Alice and Eric (and Katie, but then she took that back, saying she hadn't known me that long and is too nice), that they would be totally straight with me -- not that she or any of the rest of them would be or had been dishonest with me.  The only haircut comments I've gotten since returning from New Haven were from Alyssa and Cailin (who knew I was getting my hair cut this past weekend), so I'm hardly optimistic about people actually noticing this (esp. given Eric's oblivion; and Mary Alice just has a lot on her mind right now) but we shall see.


As with everything with the posse, this was a group event.

I vetoed Tapeo.  (Did I never write up my evening with Jonah back in August?  Basic story: Appetizers are expensive and small, and IIRC I didn't even think they were that yummy.)  Cailin's next suggestion was The Cheesecake Factory, which Alyssa isn't a fan of, so we went to California Pizza Kitchen.

Nicole was running late (of course), so we ordered Spinach Artichoke Dip ("Served hot with blue and white corn tortilla chips.") so we wouldn't starve.  The chips weren't great, but the dip was really yummy.

I splurged and got a Chocolate Banana Smoothie.  Yum.

I decided on a Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza ("Caramelized pears, Gorgonzola, Fontina, and Mozzarella cheeses, sweet caramelized onions, topped with chopped hazelnuts and served with field greens tossed in our garden-herb ranch dressing." -- oh and on honey wheat dough) in large part because I didn't expect I would find that anywhere else.  'Twas quite good (though I would have been fine without the dressed greens), and I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I looked at the wine list on a whim to see if they had Riesling and they do (two kinds, even!) and serve it by the glass (most places you can only get it by the bottle).  I'm totally getting that next time I go.


When we were heading to CPK, Cailin talked about free makeovers at Saks.  A no-pressure free makeover, playing with makeup, that I could enjoy.  She was saying how she doesn't wear makeup much, etc.  This makes me like her so much better.  I never really had much of a sense of her before because we didn't spend much time together, but I'm really glad she's growing on me.  (And dude, someone who will consistently tell me I'm pretty.)


Emily was taking about perfume, and I was thinking of how fond I am of Eric's various colognes (except for the one I don't like) and more generally the idea of (people) wearing some sort of scent (the distinctiveness aspect and also the sense of intimacy of learning something new about someone when you get close in their personal space -- even when it's platonically like a hug) and then thinking it would be tempting to buy men's cologne, for the genderfuck, but I'm not sure that's really "me" and honestly I think I'm kind of not a scent person.  Was interesting to think about, though.
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