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[CAUMC] LtQ 1.2 [2006-10-12]

I felt so disgruntled at small group last Thursday. Which (and this is the 9th time I've attended) I never really have before.

Trelawney handed out a handout and I was looking at it and thinking, "This seems really familiar." Then I realized it was the mini-chapter that accompanies the DVD&introduction we did last time. Which, shock, I went home and read afterward. Trelawney said she thought we'd spend 2 sessions on each chapter (DVD one night, reading next night), unless people just wanted to do the DVD. I said the chapter had some really good stuff in it. However, as we read it, I was reminded of just how much I disliked it.

the chapterCollapse )

After we finished the read-aloud, Trelawney said that people were going to agree and disagree with different things [this was much in the vein of what she said last time, and given her emphasis on this being a safe space, it wasn't a surprise] and that we should take care not to be "sarcastic or caustic." Yeah, I rather suspected that was directed at me. I thought I could make it through the discussion without being caustic but didn't think I could manage without being sarcastic; it's hard enough for me to articulate my problematics on the spot, so with those additional restraints I stayed quiet the entire discussion time (I think I made one comment).

Thankfully, Mike had many of the same problems I had with the general theme (though as discussion progressed I learned that his problematics have a somewhat different root/trajectory than mine) and he's always so articulate.

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I talked about my Joyce class over dinner.
Megan said, "Now you know you don't like Joyce. Which is what you wanted, right?"
"I can now make an informed statement about my opinions on Joyce," I agreed. I had actually forgotten about that purpose of taking the class, which is ironic 'cause really that was the major reason I took the class (as a part of that whole Shoud Have Read mentality).

During another conversation, Trelawney said that in France it is a crime (punishable by imprisonment) to deny the Holocaust and that the French government recently made denial of the Armenian genocide similarly punishable.
I of course have huge problems with laws like that (and was glad to hear I was not alone in being troubled by that). I wiki-ed and wow, like a dozen countries have such laws.

"scholars have pointed out that countries that specifically ban Holocaust denial generally have legal systems that limit speech in other ways, such as banning hate speech." -wiki
That connection makes a lot of sense.

Yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater is a bright line, but I generally get very uncomfortable around suggestions of outlawing certain types of speech; Free Speech just seems so crucial to me. [And wow, the case from which decision that Oliver Wendell Holmes line comes seems far less of a bright line to me, and I agree with its being overturned.]


Afterward, I hung out at Davis to wait for Ari. Phoned briefly with Emma, and again regret never having taken a Philosophy class. Ari showed up early (so I was glad I'd hung out rather than going home). Was good to get to meatspace vent. And generally good to spend time with her, of course. She said one of the Coming Out chapel services included "joyful girl" and she thought of me. ♥!
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