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"It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life, for me, and I'm feeling good"

You know what going to bed before 9:30 on a Friday night is?  Made of awesome.

The last time I went grocery shopping for bagels they were out of cinnamon raisin, so I bought blueberry, which are v. yum.  However, peanut butter is an awesome (tasty and proteiny) way to enhance raisin bagels whereas with blueberry it's more of a taste duel.

I went to the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival with hedy and aleksie.  They literally boarded my Orange Line at Ruggles.  (We had been planning to meet at the RLAC.)

Everybody loves free samples, and I picked up assorted literature, but nothing really blew me away.

woman: "I'm officially scared of vegans now.  They won't eat meat, but they'll kill you to get to a free sample."

It was really crowded, but on the outermost circle at least people mostly all went in the same direction so it wasn't excessively frustrating.

Alexis (to me): "Have you considered becoming a religious leader?"
Heather (to me): "I don't think you have the people skills, but I think you would make a good minister."

Over the course of today I finished my Joyce/Blamires reading.  This week's reading response is fairly easy.  (Have midterm week from Tuesday, though.  Eek.)  However, far more interesting than working on said reading response is planning ahead for theatre and film (am looking forward to the MFA film Nov/Dec calendar coming out as it's so much easier to plan from than the web).

Browsing Arts Boston gives me: a cabaret style Little Shop of Horrors in Newton Auburndale (11/17/06 To 12/29/06).  Frustratingly, it's not conveniently on the Green Line but rather on the Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail (Zone 2: $3.50/each way).  Tickets: "$25.00 Regular;$20.00 Student (Fri/Sun Only)"  ArtsBoston price: $17.25  Of course I'm gonna bother Eric about this.  Jonah, Albany!Sarah, and everyone else, are of course also invited.  [Especially since I have zero expectation that Eric and I will go.]

Also, I like Yahoo's new gmail-ified e-mail Search Results format.

P.S. http://ww2.howmanyofme.com/search/
How is my first name statistically four slots below my mom's in popularity?  ["Elizabeth" is "Statistically the 19th most popular first name."]
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