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Heroes 1.03 "One Giant Leap" [2006-10-09]

Mohinder (voiceover): "When evolution [yadda yadda], it does so at a cost.  Suddenly, the change that should have been wonderful is a betrayal."
This makes an interesting introduction to this episode, but I'm not entirely sure it's true of actual nature.

Jackie said "O.M.G."
My senior year at Smith (2004-5) I actually heard people say out netspeak abbreviations sometimes, but still that seemed so weird.

Hiro: "A girl's life depends on us."
me: ???

Good for you, Peter, practicing not where you're gonna kill yourself.

Eden [pixie-haired girl's name]: "Americans eat macaroni and cheese when they want to slowly commit suicide."

Audrey: {{Come on, Parkman.  We need this more than you do.  Nobody believes in me.}}
Matt: "How long do I have to stay here?"
Audrey: "Depends.  How'd you like to work for the FBI?"

This is made of win because, recall the end scene of "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" (BtVS 1.11) wherein Clea DuVall [Audrey in Heroes] plays Marcie, the invisible girl.
Cut to an FBI building. Doyle and Manetti escort Marcie to a classroom.

Doyle:  I think you'll be happy here.

Manetti:  You should fit right in.

Marcie doesn't answer, but just goes into the classroom. The only person visible in it is the teacher.

Teacher:  Welcome, Marcie.

Marcie:  Hey.

Teacher:  Class, this is Marcie.

Class:  Hi, Marcie.

Teacher:  Sit down.

Marcie takes the chair on the end of the second row.

Teacher:  Okay, class, let's get started. Everybody turn to page fifty-four of your texts.

Marcie opens her book and flips through to page fifty-four. The title of chapter eleven reads 'Assassination and Infiltration'.

Marcie:  Cool!
That's a shallow grave, Niki.

"On our way to Grandma's house."  I'm sorry, I can't help but think Little Red Riding Hood.  (And they've got a red car… yeah, totally channeling Freeway here.)

When Niki said "You have no idea what I'm capable of," I was all "Don't kill Paulette."
I understand where Niki's coming from, but I like the grandmother.

Sylar's perfectly manicured house... and then a book re: trepanning.  Nice.
Wall covered in "forgive me" / "I have sinned" -- this makes me wish I better remembered what Sylar said on the answering machine message they found.

Sylar made Audrey put her own gun to her head.  Does that mean the mutilations that happened to all those people he forced them to do to themselves?  I'm flashing Village of the Damned and am mad creeped out.  He also gets up and disappears after being shot.  How many powers does he have?

Ando: "You even mention tights and a cape I'm going home."
Hee, Joss' Astonishing X-Men run!  [Issue #1]

Claire only drinks chocolate milk (never regular), draws mermaids in the margins of her notebooks, puts crackers in her sandwiches, and is always the first to laugh at a joke.  I love these details about her.

Matt: "You waited up all night to tell me you don't wanna talk to me?"

Niki: "Is there a problem, Officer?"
Officer: "Mr. Linderman wants to see you."
I was honestly surprised she went quietly, didn't bolt -- though yeah, she wasn't highly likely to be able to outrun them.

Nathan "We're all connected…"
So the popular theory now will be that Peter is the one who absorbs other people's powers.  I still think there's something to the connected-brothers theory, given the dreams, though yes as people have pointed out, Nathan seemed experienced.

Oh, and what was up with Simone not being at all pissed that Peter was quitting for stuff "more important" than her father?

Ando looks at porn clip… "to Las Vegas"  [Writing this up now, nice foreshadowing for Ando's mentality about this whole trip.]

I dislike Hiro.  You're changing the future but you're insisting on doing stuff blindly like driving to Vegas rather than flying the rest of the way to NYC.

Do we think alcohol inhibits Claire's power?  At first I thought she was playing dead to make him leave her alone, but then we saw her frosted face.  [Okay, then there's the branch removal and it's like Okay, that interrupted some crucial circuit, inhibiting her powers.]
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