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Heroes 1.04 "Collision" [watched on the web: 2006-10-17]

[I miss the closed-captioning, but watching on the computer does make it easier to type up notes as I go.]

(Interestingly, this episode was originally titled "Come Together."  I think "Collision" works better -- especially since they aren't so much helping each other/the world that much yet.)

As soon as Matt was in a lab type place I worried he'd been captured by the bad guys (er, guy, in this case, I suppose), but I still thought (hoped) perhaps he was in the ER or something.

"I'm not part of any organization that has initials."

Matt: "Who's Claire?"
Mr. Bennet: "He's further along than we thought.  Go deep -- and clean him out."
::wibble::  (But mad props for his psychic powers.  Oh wait... if they really do clean him out of his memories if not his abilities, is he gonna return to Clea DuVall Audrey and have misunderstanding and wangst?  'Cause I hate plotlines like that.)

She snuck all the way home?  Way to go small-town-ness, Odessa.

Mmm, I feel like they used that song before, but I still love it.

Nathan: "I can handle Linderman.  He may have owned my father, but he doesn't own me."
!!!  I totally hadn't called that Niki's "assignment" would lead her to connect with one of the recurring cast members.

Nathan: "It's your job to be nervous. It's my job to get elected."

Nathan: "Can you be a little bit more specific?  12 percent of the electorate strongly opposes me."

Peter: "Stranger things, right?"
Simone: "No, that's about as strange as it gets."

Simone: "I just need time to catch my breath before you take it away again, okay?"
That is so cheesy.  And if I 'shipped them I would potentially be okay with it, but while I could see her falling for this nurturing guy who's playing a support role in a very difficult time in her life, esp. contra Isaac who's doing drugs and she's justified in thinking he's delusional (she's wrong, but she doesn't know that, and how could she?) ... I just feel no chemistry between them. (Oh, and I can totally see Peter falling for her, 'cause she's hot and collected and all that good stuff.  I just have absolutely no interest in them as a pairing.  Writing this, actually, I have no interest in Simone period, which is sad 'cause I wanted to like her from the moment we met her.)

Peter: "Your father wrote a book about people with... abilities?  I think I may be one of them."

"Fine.  But it's safer over the Internet."
Micah for the win!

Peter: "Maybe I can only *do* things, when I'm around other people who can *do* things. -- Did that sound as lame as I think it did?"

Isaac: "I can save everybody.  I'm gonna be a hero."

[some species go extinct; some adapt and evolve &etc.]

Swapping the cards?  Come. On.  Nobody can prove anything, obviously, but they're gonna get hella pissed 'cause that's hella obvious.

Nathan's telling people about Flying?

Niki: "I don't have a husband.  He left."
Nathan: "Another woman?"
Niki: "I wish?"
Nathan: "Man?"
Niki: "I would take that one, too."

We had previously learned that he has a wife, but I forget if his 2 sons were mentioned.  So sleazy that he still goes after her.  (And he's so concerned about his reputation I would think he wouldn't wanna risk something like that.)

"Niki's not here right now."  Hee!
"If you threaten our son again, I'm going to put my heel though your skull."

Why are you going back?  Oh yeah, 'cause you're id!Niki.

Time stops... Sylar coming for Peter?

Damn, on the steps already.  He can't be what's coming for her, though.  That's gotta be Sylar or her father.

Mmm, crashing the car.

Claire's dad: "Just take the one."
Ooh, suspense; which one?

I totally wanted Peter to take Mohinder's hand and bolt and didn't remember until much later that Peter doesn't know that the person who has the power to stop time can also teleport; it certainly wouldn't be intuitive to me to link those two, though I will validate the writer's idea about the space-time continuum.

Wow, badass Hiro.  Now that I could be a fan of.
("You look different without your scar."  Nice suspenseful foreshadowing there.)


I'm reading the online comics, though feeling like I may stop.  I'm avoiding the previews, though, and am annoyed at seeing them mixed in with people's commentaries.  Sigh.

I read assorted commentaries.  Interesting, dorrie6 says, "Is it only my years of BTVS conditioning that have me so focused on the unalterable damage done to a person when they kill another human?"  I never came away from BtVS with that.  *Buffy* made a huge deal about it, and admittedly Faith is a bit traumatized by the blood on her hands, but it's largely the divisiveness between the two Slayers (over this issue as a catalyst, but it's been building) that drives Faith into the arms of the Mayor.

Honestly, before I read this week's comic I assumed Claire had intended to kill the guy.  I don't necessarily endorse that choice, but I absolutely understand it.
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