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Heroes 1.05 "Hiros" [2006-10-23]

[I thought I saw "Archie Kao" in the opening credits.  That was weird.]

Blah blah blah migrate.

Hiro: "I'm risking a rift just by coming here."
Damn straight.

"Save the cheerleader, save the world."
I kept seeing this in people's commentaries and thought it was some line I'd missed from her conversation with the other girl last week.  Clearly it was in fact that I had skipped the previews.

Wow, Nathan actually kicked the guys.  Not the brightest idea, but I'm a bit impressed that he had the physical strength to get away from them at all.
Closed-captioning: [sonic boom] [whoosh]

"Will you fly me there yourself?" [Mohinder to Peter after Peter said he'd drive him to the airport if it they didn't get anything from a second trip to Isaac's]
Ouch.  Though I definitely appreciate that not everyone's all "Yes, superpowers are real!  Let's save the world!"

wife: "You've been gone for a day."
Matt: "That's impossible."
wife: "Believe me, it's not.  I've been awake for every hour of it."

omg, is this trauma gonna heal their marriage?  'Cause that would annoy me.  I mean, I get that this makes her realize how much she actually cares about him, but I was worried that it would be super lame and cheesy.

I don't wanna read it as "Hiro falls in love with Nathan at first sight," and I know it was just that he was so fascinated to see someone else with superpowers, but... yeah.

"No one's gonna know.  No one's gonna know a thing."
Way to be creepy, dad.

Points to Matt for doing the romantic day thing.  He needs to not say shit like "that you've been craving," though, 'cause that's mad creepy.

Brody: "She's a freak... she's not human."
Mr. Bennet: "I'd put more stock in her humanity than I would in yours."

I love Mr. Bennet's "It's very confusing what's happening to her" or however it was exactly that he phrased it.

[And yes, having read P&P ~2½ times, I am aware of the irony of this character being "Mr. Bennet."]

"... when you wake up in your new life..."

Mr. Bennet: "Hollow him out.  Take everything."

I forgot about Peter's power-absorbing -- even though I had read commentaries in which people called it as the way to get the paintings without the drugs.
Creepy eyes.

Hot blue tank top, Claire.
Claire: "I think everyone deserves a do-over at least once in their lives."
I actually believe her when she says this.

I had totally forgotten about Ando.  WHOIS database, huh?  Leaving aside the "She has a shady ex-husband and borrows money from the mob and doesn't think to unlist herself from her porn website!?!?!" I don't know how WHOIS works well enough to know how easy it is to get a street address from it.  It's admittedly the kind of thing Ando would do.
Also, chatting?  I got the impression the only IMing was "Show's over unless you pay more," though I suppose I could see additional IMing happening to work the customers.

wife: "It's like you're in my head."
Yes.  And that will get mad creepy soon.  (Really, it should have already.)

Matt: "What can I get you?"
wife: "Nothing.  Just sleep.  For a week."
Matt: "Coffee ice cream coming up."
Dude, just leave well enough alone, man.

Please tell me this time when he wakes up from being passed out he'll be in an actual ER.  What does Mr. Bennet want with these people, anyway?  Matt retained his memory of being FBI, remains to be seen whether he retains his memory of Sylar (I really don't see Mr. Bennet as working with Sylar).  Is Bennet just experimenting on them, trying to figure out how their powers work?

D.L. totally wasn't there a second ago.  We've already got teleportation as a power, though, so assuming he's one of the mutants (which I feel like he has to be) what's his power?

Aww, Hiro's not even excited to see Ando.  I appreciate that, 'cause his hella over-eager-ness (not to mention naive optimism) was grating.

clockwork-ish girl... that's creepy  [She was upside down, so that's possibly not what she was actually suppposed to look like, but what she looked like to me.]

Peter: "Who is this?"
Hiro: "My name is Hiro Nakamura."
Peter: "My name is Peter Petrelli.  I have a message for you."
Nice :)
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