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Singspiration [2006-10-27]

I like going to Singspiration to get to see various UCNers I'm fond of, and I don't actively dislike the music though I don't always love it.

Looking at the program this time, I noticed that Stacie whom JoeF loves so much is from "Community Baptist Church, Somerville," which is one of the churches on that College Ave. drag.  She's been at Singspiration a number of times before, but this is the first time I've attended Singspiration since I moved.

I still have a problem with the hymn "The Potter's House."  Stephanie read the Scripture it was inspired by, and I really like the Scripture with its implication that we are always works in progress and God can always work in our lives, but the hymn is about the Potter fixing the broken pieces of our lives, and while I realize that the broken pieces imagery is powerful, a potter can't really do much with dry pieces of clay.

Partly in an effort to stay out of people's way (I really had intended to go chat with my grandma for a few minutes) I stood in a corner chatting with Elyse (sophomore at Gordon) for most of the night.  At one point we were talking about college roommates, and in talking about how I was glad to get a single I was very conscious that I didn't mention not having to worry about being around when my roommate and her girlfriend were having a fight, 'cause I was really worried that I would state it in a way that would imply my problem was with my roommate having a girlfriend.  Ugh.  I hate the way that I tacitly closet myself and others out of cowardice.

At the end of the night I still hadn't had a chance to talk to JoeF (my mom and I had said hi briefly on our way in before the program) and he was talking with a couple guys, so I figured I'd just get a "Hey kiddo, good to see you," but they dispersed and he walked over with me to a corner.

Reiterating his wonderful card [scroll down for the blockquote], he said that the last time he saw me he thought I looked radiant, and that he still thinks so.  I refrained from saying anything snarky like "So what did I look like before?" 'cause I know he didn't mean that I looked bad before.  I don't have anything in specific that I can point to as a joyful turning point in my life, but I really am well settled in a content kind of place in my life.  Certainly I'm no longer in the stressful liminal space of job-/apartment-hunting (though in some ways we are always living in liminal spaces).

We had a really nice chat about various things.  I continue to love his affection for the older people who used to be this church.  At one point, after saying that he's conservative, he said that his wife and daughter disagree with his columns, which surprised me in part because his wife did join UCN.  I've really gotta actually read some of his columns at some point  ::Googles to find out which paper it is he writes for::  The Herald?  I wasn't expecting that.  Sorry; I just don't think very highly of the Herald.  Anyway, I really admire and respect his good heart, and his enthusiasm and compassion, and his integrity.  I said a lot of this during our conversation but will probably write him an actual letter because I'm like that -- along with an open dinner invitation.

I was talking with JoanR and she asked about my helping at the church fair.  I said I would probably get roped into it (and I honestly don't mind all that much).  Turns out it's Dec. 2 -- the Saturday of the weekend of the Palmer Chair Massage class I was planning to take but hadn't registered for yet (am actually not entirely sure I can take it 'cause I'm not an enrolled student of theirs, and I won't be any less eligible on April 7&8 -- when it's offered again -- than I am now).  It occurs to me now that this also means I'll be home almost every weekend in December -- 'cause the next Singspiration is Fri. Dec. 8.  Though I'll probably do Friday night/Saturday day, so it's not like they'll eat up my weekends awfully.

In other news, I added "Religious Views" to my facebook profile: "wrestling with faith [low church Protestant]" (and deleted my website link, 'cause the connectyness was making me anxious).

Speaking of facebook... ah the Campaign Issue function.  It actually makes me really happy to see people with religious objections to homosexuality arguing that same-sex couples should be able to have the same legal rights opposite-sex married couples have, just with a different name.  I know it smacks of "separate but equal," but I would honestly support, for all couples, making "marriage" an exclusively religious term with the married-by-a-justice-of-the-peace part being just a "civil union" -- or whatever the terminology of choice, but with the exact same legal function that civil marriage currently has.  [Yes it still makes me somewhat uncomfortable because I know the push for that mostly comes from people who really believe that same-sex unions are an abomination to God, but this really seems to me the sensible way to separate out the religious and secular aspects of "marriage."]  Um, yeah.  The point of that was going to just be that my brother does me proud sometimes even when we disagree, but there you go.
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