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Spring Ahead, Fall Back

Why does my cell phone not automatically update like my computer does?  And why don't I remember this problem from the spring?  Surely there must be some way to change it manually, right?

Edit: Fixed. And I confirmed that my tv updates itself. And someone updated the clocks (wall and microwave) in the kitchen. /edit

Yeah, I know: Why am I still up?  Ironically, I was feeling tired this evening (psychosomatic I think).  Gotta love AIM and good friends.

(Also, the living room thermostat says 68 and it's cooler in the rest of the house -- living room included -- than it is in my room.  Totally turned it down to 64 and cracked open a window in my room 'cause I was uncomfortably warm -- and I've just been sitting at my desk all night, so I really shouldn't be feeling overwarm like I was.)
Tags: apartment: living, technology trouble

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