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I am not dead.

alterna-title: I am always all about the words.

This weekend i had so much work to do and absolutely no motivation, so i had a couple late nights writing shitty papers and this week has been spent catching up on readings.

The Pat Skarda paper was Milton all over again. A “five-page paper” which was really two and a half pages of crap because i had so very little to say on any of the possible topics. I expect about a C- on it. She was a big fan of the Wordsworth 2-pager i wrote in the wee hours, though, so i’m not in danger of failing the class yet.

The Modern British Poetry paper became somewhat frustrating. I went into it thinking: “Spain” is Auden’s poem which rationalizes war as justified, and “Sonnets from China” is his slightly later poem which takes the stand that war is never justified. However, as i actually went through “Spain” i found that it was more grey, so i had to keep revising topic sentences and generalizations and such. I think it’s a fairly decent paper, though, and he has said good things about my last two short papers.
“To an American Publisher” by Stevie Smith

You say I must write another book? But I’ve just written this one.
You liked it so much that’s the reason? Read it again then.

Got the schedule of classes for next semester in the mail today, so i can make my obsessive schedule for next semester tonight. That and reading Frankenstein are my exciting plans for tonight. This weekend i will write the Sociology paper that is due on Tuesday and do lots more catch-up reading.

And of course NaNoWriMo (start: 5 hours, 2 minutes my time zone). The epitome of “Done is better than good.” I am excited.

So, um, snippets from the rest of the week.

In her presentation on Stevie Smith, Jessica of course had to begin with “This is about Smith.” Classic.

Buffy was a rerun so i went to the second Poetry Center reading of my Smith career. (They’re always on Tuesdays, except Billy Collins last year was on a Wednesday so i got to go to him.) Claribel Alegría (unfortunately i dozed during part of her reading) and Ernesto Cardenal (damn i need to get Cosmic Canticle). I need to read more poetry.

I skipped the presentation of the English major on Wednesday because i have been living on salad and bagels and it was burgers for lunch that day (way better than pizza, which was served at the major presentation). In class on Tuesday, Michael Thurston was talking about the presentation of the major, trying to remember what gets discussed. I mentioned “What do you do with an English major?” He responded: “Buy her a book and take her out to dinner.” Tee hee. Someone (probably him) used that joke at the presentation last year.

We finished Coleridge in Romantics class on Wednesday. I wanted to blow my brains out. I think i’ve been overloaded by the Romantic Isn’t Nature Great. So i decided to wash out my brain with Mathilda -- Mary Shelley’s incest story. Dude, nothing happens. There’s more slash in Coleridge’s Christabel than there is incest in Mathilda. Gimme ’Tis Pity She’s a Whore any day. Actually, i’ve only read the Angela Carter story, but i now have the John Ford play in my temporary possession. (Yay libraries.) And on the theme of slash, i saw Aimée & Jaguar on Sunday and it was, um, interesting. I didn’t buy any of the chemistry, except Ilse being in love with Felice, which is a shame since it’s based on a true story. Watching Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead on Friday i totally wanted to slash them. Especially that scene when Rosencrantz (the dark-haired one) is lying on the casket or whatever it is. So yes, in the imaginary free time i have, i need to write lots of slashy fanfic.

My concession to Halloween is to link to QueerHorror.com.

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