Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

[It's not raining; I just like this icon.]

Wow, leaving work and having it be that dark out was weird.

I walked to and from work today without a coat, which was lovely.  And I forgot that I had a lunch in the fridge from Friday's seminar, so that was a pleasant surprise.  (Bonus: housemate brought up recycling bin before I got home tonight.)

Other than lunch, I barely stopped going all day.  Finished my assigned segment of the lateral hiring chunk, processed lots of reimbursements, did other stuff, beat the copier into submission re: loading more staples, still haven't met with Prof.B.

I did not get tapped for the Recruiting Meeting but looked professional and pretty anyway.  (Black kinda pin-striped wraparound over teal camisole with cream colored pants and black boots -- and my favorite earrings.)

Successfully acquired at the grocery store tonight:
* bag o' spinach
* hot chocolate mix in canister
* cinnamon raisin bagels

To do tonight:
* study for Joyce exam (aka, review Portrait on SparkNotes and go over study questions)
* watch HIMYM (S1 rerun I haven't seen)
* watch Heroes
* oh, and, figure out what I want for dinner

I have so much I should get done this weekend, but I wanna go see Alfonso Cuarón's Solo; Love in the Time of Hysteria (Sólo con tu pareja, Mexico, 1991, 94 min.).  Saturday at 4:15pm.  I miss the days when I was going to MFA film like every night.  Ooh, shame I'm gonna miss Frozen Days (being in Northampton).
Tags: planning ahead

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