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How I Met Your Mother 2.04 "Ted Mosby, Architect" [2006-10-09]

I thought my writeup of this was longer given that it took me so long to get to finishing it.


Robin: "I knew what he was going to say; I was just helping him get there faster."
Lily: "Wow, you should work at a suicide hotline."

[There was an exchange prior to that as well, but I didn't get it written down.]

Barney: "There's nobody hotter than God."
Ted: "I love it when you quote scripture."

The idea that love/being in a relationship makes you "crazy and jealous and paranoid" is very in-character for Lily though in and of itself it annoys me.

That Robin is so not a relationship kind of person makes it hard for me to empathize with her because that's so not how I function in the world.  (Though in some ways I do kinda get it.)


"And I am nothing of a builder But here I dreamt I was an architect"
I half-guessed it was the Decemberists but was surprised to see that I was right.
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