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"Cannibals would with lemon and rice."

Katie and I walked back to the Square after work together and commented on the light -- or lack thereof.  Beautiful dark blue sky, but was it really this dark at 6pm last week?  I got home at quarter of six many nights, and it was sunsetty but not like that.

Also: we passed the JFK St. CVS and it had full Christmas window display.  We're pretty sure that wasn't there this morning.

I did mediocre on my Joyce exam.  Bullshitted on the passage exegeses but definitely couldn't place some of the identifications.  Joycean texts are dense, but I also just don't care about any of them.  I feel unintelligent and like I don't belong in academia, but then I remember Joel's OT class and feel like even if I don't have particularly brilliant contributions I could really love the engagement, given the right texts.

There's a section in Ch. 8 in which Bloom is recalling the potted meat advertisement yet again, and one of his thoughts is "No meat and milk together."  The prof. asked us to explain, and since we've discussed the sexual innuendo of the potted meat I was in that type of symbological headspace, but in listening to respondents I realized that he wanted us to offer up an explanation of kosher.  Three people stumbled over it.  Not that they said anything wrong, but this was clearly not an area they were used to speaking on.  And these were the people who volunteered to answer.  In a class where supposedly fifteen of us are taking it for graduate credit.  (By the time I realized what he was asking for and had started to form an answer we had already had three people respond, and we were running behind -- as always -- and I, perhaps inaccurately, suspect that most people have at least a vague rudimentary understanding of kosher, so I didn't feel the need to belabour the point.)

Near the end of class, the prof lectured about the cheese sandwich scene and the intersection of worship/cannibalism/sex, and I was into it in an abstract way because it totally hits all my buttons, but besides the fact that I didn't entirely buy it I just didn't care (see above).
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