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CSI 7.04 "Fannysmackin' " [watched on tape: 2006-11-01]

We open with the usual shot of the city scene, but with creepy music.  As soon as I first saw the guy in the reaper costume I thought, "Aw, I totally should have watched this last night -- Halloween."  When the girl sees a reaper in her mirror and then one in front of her I was v. confused, and it took me longer than it should have to realize there was more than one attacker.  When we see the whole posse of them walking, though, v. v. creepy.

I find it interesting that Sara says "Been there" to Jessica's statement that she wanted to try the whole "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

Skinheads wear Doc Martens?  News to me.  Also, that blonde chick totally didn't look Jewish to me.  I'm glad that angle didn't end up being the correct one -- 'cause I feel like those stories never end up saying anything new.

Yeah badass Sara.
Grissom: Whoa! Pick on somebody your own size.
Sara: Are you volunteering?
I definitely can't read Sara's expression -- or Grissom's when he says "No."

Greg, what part of "Wait for backup" do you not understand?  However, it's gotta be awful to just sit there not doing anything -- I was certainly pissed at the cell phone video record 'cause it meant they just stood there and watched rather than doing anything.

The guy coming for him with a rock... I recognized the eyes as costume contact lenses but still wondered if the guy was drugged out 'cause dude, Greg's driving this big ole van.

     Sara: "Why isn't there a medic on Greg?"

I love her concern.
Greg: You should process the scene now; me later.
Sara: I came here for you, Greg.
Her voice practically cracks.
Cole Tritt: Why is there an asswhuppin' on every other block!
Nick: There's about to be an asswhuppin' on this one.
Dude, Nick, physically assaulting people is totally not allowed, though I totally understand your frustration.
Nick: I am sick of these punks, man. I'm serious, I'm sick of it.
Warrick: Then you're in the wrong town.
Nick: Maybe.
This comes back in the conversation at the end where Nick's ragging on current-day Vegas; it's certainly in character, but I also can't help wondering if they're planning to write the character out of the show.

Cha Cha was played by the girl who played Rona on Buffy.  Weird.  I recognized "Indigo" in the credits, but definitely didn't recognize her as this character.

We were already introduced to the idea that tourists come to Vegas with a certain idea and don't really understand the city and everything (Nick's "next thing you know, we're taking their picture" with the second vic) but wow, beating up tourists just 'cause?  I can't even wrap my mind around that.  It doesn't seem unrealistic as a plotline, I just boggle at the humanity.  The absolute worst was her laughing at the photo of the dead guy, though.  "I don't know.  Maybe he was just practice," is a close second, though.  (Third is her statement about "nothing else to do" -- something which doesn't get mentioned in the "What is wrong with today's Vegas youth?" bit at the end, interestingly.)
Man: I need to talk to a cop!
Sofia: He's a cop.
Brass (at almost exactly the same time): She's a cop.
Love that.

One thousand dollar fine for filing a false police report, huh?

Damn, Sofia's got a fuckin' shotgun.  I was so worried Nick was gonna end up shooting someone.
Warrick: "I'll take a ride with you, but I'll pass on the Mexican food at ten in the morning."
I don't think I knew that Warrick grew up in Vegas.

I like Grissom's line "a moral compass can only point you in the right direction, it can't make you go there."  However, the whole scene [full text at tv.com] felt long and preachy, which I wasn't a fan of.
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