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Yeah, definitely bedtime.

And I'm definitely behind on commenting/replying.


I was only home+awake for a couple hours on Saturday, so the LJ outage didn't bother me too much.  And for my couple of hours anyway it was spotty but not entirely absent, so I don't even think of this as like unto the Great LJ Blackout of MLK weekend 2005.  [I appear to have also missed a blackout of awesomeness at Smith.]

I slept a lot, but later that day Mike said the raking was such a small job that having only two people was fine, so I got over my guilt.

likeadeuce, you'd be proud; I recognized Famke Janssen the second she stepped onto the screen when I was channel surfing and came across what turned out to be this movie.

Layna, my phone didn't tell me you had called until Saturday afternoon.  I don't know enough about cheese to have a spinach pie preference, though.

Waiting for the Red Line at Davis there was a new-to-me busker.  I was a fan.

I hadn't realized bussing from Kendall-Park was happening.  When I learned about it (when I boarded at Davis) I recalled hearing about it on davis_square before Halloween weekend, but it hadn't happened when I went to church last Sunday so it hadn't been in my mind at all.

The Red Line itself felt like it was moving really slowly, and while I had left an hour to get from my apartment to the MFA it took me an hour just to get to Park St.  I went to the MFA anyway, to get a Nov/Dec film calendar, and they sold me a ticket anyway.  "But the old Chinese man sold it to me anyway, for a dollar ninety-five."  Hee.

So I missed the first fifteen minutes or so of the Cuarón film but I don't think that negatively impacted my understanding of the plot or characters 'cause I'd read the promo blurb and came in before any of the major plot stuff happened and it was easy to get caught up.  I was not impressed, though.  I mean, there were some funny bits, but I wasn't really into it.  I wasn't impressed by Y tu mamá también either when I saw it a couple years ago or whenever.

Oh, the MBTA map at Kendall had Charlie decals at the stations that have been Charlified.  I was pleased and impressed.  I think I saw a list at the vendor window at Davis a while back, but this was the first time I'd seen a decal-ed MBTA map that you can examine at your leisure rather than holding up a line.

Coming home I actually had to wait for a shuttle bus at Park St.  A bus showed up for 553 WEST NEWTON CENTRE (or whatever) and I think some of the people who boarded that totally thought it was the Red Line Shuttle.  Oh, people.

I considered taking the Green Line to Lechmere and the 88 to Meredith&Mike's but took it from Davis instead.  Had not realized that when they said the bridge is out they meant literally in so much as even pedestrians can't cross.  So I took the long way and know for next time to take the 89 (which drops off on their side of the bridge).  Game night was supposed to start at 7 but I was actually the first person there, at 7:45 (though Marcy and John showed up not long after).  Eventually someone actually suggested playing a game, and Pictionary was decided on.  I am not a fan, but I wasn't up for actively declining.  Pictionary with a Trivial Pursuit-esque board...?  This was totally new to me, and I was glad that someone else (Mike) recalled the old Pictionary.  We got off on various conversations, though, plus assorted people had to leave early, so we ended up not actually playing at all.  (Score!)

They have an electronic scale in their bathroom, and I couldn't resist, so now I can no longer say that I don't know how long it's been since I even stepped on a scale.  I weigh almost exactly the same as I recall weighing the last time I stepped on a scale.  [For those of you who are new, almost every time I go back to the library I worked at in high school, one of the darling ladies there says, "You look great.  Have you lost weight?"  I understand that these are hardcore linked in people's minds, but I have serious issues with it.  There is some amusement, though, because I really almost never weigh myself and suspect that if anything I've gained weight.]

CAUMC!Meredith's been sick, so she hasn't been at group in a while, and she was really pleased to see me, and when were saying goodbyes she held my hands, which I just loved so much.


I went to church at Somerville Community Baptist Church 'cause knowing (of) Stacie Clayton through Singspiration I was interested to experience her church.

I was totally expecting a predominantly black, that very energetic Southern style....  In fact it was predominantly white and a very sedate service (though the pastor played trumpet with one of the hymns).  However, watching Stacie conduct the choir, her enthusiasm and joy, I thought "I could fall in love with that."

The Lord's Prayer was sung, and no hymn number was given so you had to just know it; this annoyed me.  In the continued keeping track... it was "Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowéd be thy name ... for ever. Amen."

I wanted to take Communion because squares of white bread on a tray passed around is home for me (I was actually just talking with Trelawney Saturday night about Eucharist traditions), but I couldn't do it.  There was conversation on my flist relatively recently about the Prayer of Confession before Communion, and I mostly never noticed it, but I was aware this time that the pre-Communion prayer was a prayer of thanksgiving.  I personally feel no need (theological or otherwise) for a prayer of confession before taking Communion (though I understand why it makes sense) but I'd gotten used to it being fairly standard (though I couldn't tell you if United does it).

I find it interesting that one of the things I've really internalized from my time in liberal churches is the asterisks should say "Please stand as you are able" or something instead of just "Congregation stands."

Nothing particularly stood out good or bad.  I wasn't impressed by the music, though I really liked the Postlude.

Oh, they had a welcome card with check boxes for stuff like "I'd like to know more about" and one of them was "The ALPHA Course," which of course told me (though I strongly suspected already) that this church would be too theologically conservative for me.  I was amused that there were checkboxes under that same heading for "Men" and "Women."  I know what they mean, but it's bizarrely phrased.

When I greeted the pastor on my way out, he explicitly articulated that balance that I had been talking with Trelawney about the previous night about welcoming versus pressuring.  He encouraged me to sign the visitors' book ("We won't hound you; I promise") and go to Coffee Hour and explicitly said he didn't want to pressure people.  The coffee hour food was yummy.  People mostly didn't say hi to me, but on my way out I met Stacie and she was all "We have a Women's Fellowship and lots of things if you want to get involved" and asked if I did crafts (saying that if I did, that would be one way to be involved if I wanted -- their upcoming church fair).  And as I was hanging out while she did stuff, various other people (including a Trustee) greeted me.  I wonder if part of it is that the people who are gonna be really actively welcoming are also those who are gonna be really actively engaged in the life of the church so it's gonna take them quite a while to get to Coffee Hour.


I did laundry and forced myself to stay at the laundromat and work on my Ulysses reading.

I went to go see Just an Ordinary Jew at the MFA Sunday night and left an hour and 15 minutes before but worried that would be cutting it too close, but the Red Line went ten minutes faster than it did last time, so I got there with plenty of time -- and as I stood in line to buy a ticket a woman sold me an extra (she had comp. tickets) for $5 [reg. price is $10, student/member: $8].  The short film that preceded it (Berlin Diary) was interesting but not amazing.  The feature film was quite interesting and I'll probably write more about it later.

Shuttle bus back, not only did I not have to wait for a bus but I even got a seat.  (Saturday night I learned that the bars on buses are too high for my five-foot-almost-two-inches self.)


I've been thinking about Secret Slasha and the possibility of doing up a fannish wishlist as is the custom (I have v. specific ideas for icons I want, but fic less so -- 'cause I use icons like whoa but haven't had time to read fic in weeks) but my mom pointed out that there's also the issue of physical gift wishlist items for, well, my parents and my grandma (and possibly a few other relations).  Yay, more to add to my To Do List.

I have received positive feedback on my C.J/Tara fic and thus now feel okay in pimping it out.
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