Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical (hermionesviolin) wrote,
Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical

"i am watching the sun stumble home in the morning"

Work today was eh, whatever, but it was a good day.

I was running late this morning but successfully plungered the toilet, saw the pretty musician girl, and got to work on time.

I got more positive feedback on "This is their own story."

A letter FormerUnitHead wrote made me glee. [Not ego boost personally, just him being great.]

I really enjoyed being around Eric today, and I've been so caught up in this whirlwind of desiring and obsessing that I don't even know what I feel anymore "the butter melts out of habit, you know the toast isn't even warm" and part of it is just wanting someone, and at the moment I'm not even sure if I want that. So I'm just gonna let it be. I'm busy for most of November, and into December, so depending on how December looks I may push for a weeknight hangout or wait to push for during that week we have off. I would like to spend time together outside of work, but I'm feeling less obsessive about it than I was.

I love Ari so much. I really should make a post at some point about how wonderful some of y'all are.

Joule's back.

I spent a lot of today listening to Carrie Cheron clips. Definitely growing on me. I poked at her myspace over the weekend and was tempted to get one solely to say hello. I read her myspace blog today, and this entry makes me like her a lot.

I decided to go to Ladders to God. (So I haven't yet seen tonight's HIMYM or Heroes; no spoiling me.) It was very good.

The best line of the whole play comes very early on, when Bernadette signs off one of her prayers to Jesus: "Liking girls and being loud in Your service." (It has a rationale in context, but does that even matter?)

Waiting in the lobby before the house opened, there was a pretty girl I should have struck up a conversation with, but I'm so bad at (initiating) small talk. During intermission, the girl sitting next to me chatted with me and she really didn't ping me, but I probably would have invited her to coffee or something afterward (in the interest of, yanno, putting myself out there and being social and etc.) if she hadn't had to leave during the talkback.

During the talkback, one of the actors commented about the main character that she finds God in everything -- that she finds joy in everything. I thought of Ari.

Waiting for the return trolley, it wasn't as cold as I had feared it might be. (I hadn't brought a coat.)

On said trolley, there were these two black guys and one of them was on a cell phone, so gay -- "It took me four stops to get my earrings in -- where are we? Pleasant St.? yeah, four stops. And I put on the cologne that I'm allergic to. [...] I'm a drunk sneezy bitch." I was just grinning like mad watching them. The late night drunk folks I encounter on public transit are rarely this entertaining (and benign). They were gonna get off at Kenmore and go to Axis, but he had to pee, so they got off at Blandford St., his companion commenting that he needed to walk that off anyway (he had consumed an entire bottle of Mad Dog).
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