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Also, I loved the bomb episode.

I went to watch last night's Heroes episode online and it told me "Connection Error! Please select another video." So you get to listen to me talking about reaction to a show I don't even watch.

One of the front page teasers on today's Metro is a piece calling Meredith Grey one of the most hated characters on television.

My exposure to Grey's commentary is fox1013, jennyo, and musesfool, and I realize that that means I get a minority opinion (though their commentaries often include mention of popular reactions, so I get a decent spread). I remember Amy coming (back?) to liking Meredith around I think the end of last season, so I guess it's only appropriate that popular opinion would flip.

Regardless of any opinions I may or may not have about the show or the characters, though, I wasn't a fan of the article. It felt like a non-story -- but maybe this is heavily colored by the above mentioned community wherein the biggest problem is not with Meredith but with Derek and what the writers did with that relationship. My biggest problem was with the below paragraph, though.

Whitney Matheson, editor of USA Today's Pop Candy blog, is quoted as saying: "I realize the show is supposed to be focused on her. But first let's admit that people are going to gripe about any female star of a TV show --- look at the torture Ally McBeal went through.... But Meredith Grey isn't out to be the viewer's best friend. Most people I know who love the show tell me she's not their favorite of the 'Grey's' gang, but they're still pulling for her anyway."

My first reaction is to feel like that statement completely elides Cristina, Izzie, Bailey, and Addison. Am I remiss in thinking of Grey's as an ensemble show?

Relatedly, yes, being in one person's neurotic headspace for the duration of an hour can make you wanna spork your eyes out (though I don't remember hatred for Felicity -- though you can get away with self-centered neuroticism more as a college student than as an adult, and I didn't follow the show so I could be wrong), but that's a certain kind of "female star of a TV show" not "any." ['Cause dude, if Meredith is the star of Grey's, then Buffy was totally the star of BtVS -- and I would unhesitatingly place her as such, despite the show being also an ensemble show, and we got to watch and experience her romantic dramas without it being unsufferable.]

Okay, I think I've reached the limit of my ability to commentary given that I don't avidly follow the commentary and have seen all of, what? two and a half episodes?
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