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Heroes 1.07 "Nothing to Hide" [watched on the web: 2006-11-07]

Some interesting stuff revealed, but nothing that really grabbed me. I didn't finish watching it on the web until after lunch, so I haven't chatted with Eric about it, but I don't know there's anything I especially wanna chat with him about now that I've watched the episode.

[Previously On]

Okay, I didn't catch that the bio-parents might have been a setup, but other people did. Given the Previously On voiceover I would say they're right.

However, Previously On people? Peter (who hasn't been only "the brother who can fly" for a few episodes now) is not uncertain of his powers; he's very clear on the concept that he has other people's powers when he's around them.

(Also, no mention of the fact that after "fixing his marriage," Matt collapsed in the mini-mart a la "Earshot"? Is this a purposeful omission that's gonna be relevant later? I hope so -- since the alternative is serious writerly sloppiness.)


Peter's back to being a nurse? Peter, why do you still say you can fly? By the time we were soaring over the city I called that it was a dream sequence.

"It's my dad." Okay, that was an easy call. Of course he just died.

Claire, don't leave that tape lying around. ::facepalms::

Simone believes Peter now that her dying father had a dream? Sigh.

Linderman bought the missing painting? Interesting.

Nathan's mom: "I never kid about family brunch."
Nathan: "That's because we never have family brunch."

!!! 0.0 Nice reveal with the wheelchair.
I had been wondering about the "look weak" and "made of glass" lines.

Claire, don't pull out the staple in front of him.

"A fingerprint seared to the bone like a brand." I totally called frameup at this, but apparently I was wrong.

Micah to D.L.: "Heroes don't run away. Bad guys do."

I knew "Jessica" from other people talking (I think they'd read the TVGuide interview) but was glad to have it actually in the text. I don't quite know how she knows that her alterego has a name (nevermind what it is) but hey, brains are weird; mostly I'm glad to have a real name rather than the non-consensus of ikiN, mirror!Niki, etc. (Now all we need is an official term for the "heroes." I say they're mutants, but that's mever confirmed, and "heroes" in scarequotes works for a number of reasons but I would like a value-neutral term -- and referring to them as "specials" just doesn't work, since that's in a lot of lit as a term for the mentally handicapped.)

I really shouldn't have been surprised that when a car showed up behind them that it was Hiro and Ando.

Way to wait until the last minute, Hiro -- though I guess really it makes sense.

Aww, his bow was almost ceremonial.

Dennison: "You seem to be adjusting well."
Heidi: "To the wheelchair. Say it, Mr. Dennison. I lost my right to be sensitive when I married Nathan."

Heidi: "I was angry for a long time."
reporter: "At your husband?" [Nathan nearly freezes in the middle of eating.] "Wasn't he driving?"
Heidi: "At God. But we seem to have made our peace."

Way to help, Peter, with your whole "Since when?" re: brunch. I mean, of course you're correct, and you're even potentially rightfully pissed that you didn't get invited, but that's no excuse to be a bastard like that.

Peter: "Sorry, Nathan gave me an earful about showing up on cords. I told him I'm trying to stay grounded."

"YouTube's free, you idiot!"
My thoughts exactly, Zach.

Is Lyle adopted? I'm guessing he's not (or at least doesn't think he is), but regardless, I wonder how he feels about the family (dynamics) -- especially since I think he's Claire's younger brother, so was he an accident? did they get lucky and conceive? what?

That looked like power windows -- which don't work without a key in the ignition (though he had to have had a key to get in the vehicle, right? 'cause nobody leaves their vehicle unlocked, especially not out in their driveway).

Boo on Zach jumping at Lyle during the tender hug -- though I can see how he feels threatened by Lyle and probably never liked him anyway.

Made of awesome saving the day there, Peter (re: the Vegas disappearance).

"like an atomic bomb" -- yeah, nice foreshadowing
He can't be Sylar, though. He's just highly radioactive (so he totally caused his wife's cancer, right?). Sylar made Audrey almost shoot herself and then bamfed off somewhere.

Heidi, to Nathan: "Give me some hope."
So basically, you know the truth and you want him to lie to you.

Ah, that's why Peter played nice, 'cause he needed Nathan for the painting.

Good man, Nathan, warning your brother about the kidnappers.

Okay, I'm definitely curious to find out what's up with the matching marks on Teddy and Matt.

Dude, Matt, you can't punch people just for lusting after your wife. Hell, even if they're actually planning to act on it....

voiceover: "You do not choose your destiny. It chooses you."
I feel like the voiceover has said similar things before and I've nodded, but this time I shook my head, because circumstances can conspire to push you in a certain direction, but you always have choices -- I mean, we're seeing that especially with Niki, but we also see it with Nathan&Peter, and earlier we saw it with Ando pushing Hiro to use his powers certain ways and for certain ends.

Yup, the kid's an electrical genius and then some. We are not surprised. I assumed from the get-go that he was "special," too, and given that scene about the logic board in the first ep I guessed that he had some kind of affinity with machines.

Micah: "Mom, is this really you? [...] Just put my mom on the phone."
I love that not only does he know his mom has a secret like his dad does, but he really groks it. (Though I totally already thought that was the case.) I really do think her "Your mom needs you," is what swayed him, but still, he's gotta know this isn't gonna end well, that Niki/Jessica will (try to) hurt D.L.

voiceover: "The hero learns quickly who comprehends and who merely stands in the way."

[comic #6]

So, the one time I wait to read the comic until after the next ep is the one time it doesn't spoil anything for it. It explains why she didn't use the $2mil back in the first episode or earlier, which I appreciate.

I'll still probably wait to read comic #7 until after I watch next week's episode, though.
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