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Heroes 1.08 "Seven Minutes to Midnight" [watched on the web: 2006-11-14]

Mohinder voiceover: "The Earth is large; large enough that you think you can hide from anything -- Fate, God, ...."

Eden was reminding me of Winona Ryder like whoa (that whole pixie look). I like Winona Ryder a lot, so this is not a problem.

Eden: "The drugs were just a facilitator."
Isaac: "You sound pretty sure."
Eden: "I am pretty sure."
Isaac: "Why?"
Eden: "Because I went through the same thing myself."

As we pan to the collection of paintings I thought: Ah yes, the paintings can help her/Mr. Bennet find the others.
I actually assumed the waitress in the painting was the redhead friend of Niki's whom we had already met.

Burnt Toast Diner (Texas)
The crossword puzzle filling in? I was reminded of C. Elisa's fic "Nameless."
Charlie's her name, huh? Hey, new female character.

guy: "She's not Google."
Charlie: "If you really wanna test me, you wanna ask me if I remember your credit card numbers."

Is she gonna be the one who teaches Hiro English?
Ando: "You learn all that from a phrase book in one week?"
Charlie: "It's just something my brain started doing lately -- whether I want it to or not."

Telekinesis man! (Gotta be Sylar. Which I actually wouldn't have connected immediately but that someone had been telling me recently that Sylar's power could probably be boiled down to telekensis.)


computer: "Are you sure you want to quit?"

Mohinder: "World's worst pillow talk."
Hey, now. Geeking out can totally be fabulous pillow talk.

When geneticist ex-gf lady says she'll give him a job but he has to promise that all his father's theories will be packed away, my first thought was that she, too, is evil, but really she could just be pragmatic. We read certain things as Bad because of the greater context, but within the frameworks of her own world she could totally make sense and not be evil. The balance of how much we read into stuff because we know that it's all scripted is interesting. (I'm also finding myself reminded of alixtii's post about how we read things in texts differently than we do things in life [I'm using these terms for convenience; I know that life is a kind of text] because we know there are people making decisions about what to fit into a limited space of text and so we read everything with added importance.)

Hiro: "My skill is... much more complicated." And then he hesitates and doesn't tell her the truth, which I find interesting. "I can teach Japanese to anyone."

Charlie (to Hiro): "I like the way your cheeks wobble when you concentrate."
I found myself wondering if this was written to make Hiro sympathetic to the mainstream audience -- before Hiro became such a big fan favorite -- or if it was written with the expectation/knowledge that Hiro would be a fan favorite and this is a nice little "Yay, geek gets the girl" shout-out.

Hiro: "I'm sweet!"
Ando's reaction = priceless.

blacked out... "When I came to, everything started dying."
Matt: "When you came to, did you have bruises on your arms?"
Ted: "I'll do you one better."
And we explicitly see the twin marks I noticed last episode. But Matt was totally manifesting powers before he was nabbed; it's possible that Mr. Bennet's doing something to amplify their powers, but they're chasing the wrong way if they think the silent black guy (who, btw, how do they know he's Haitian?) did experiments and gave them their powers.


Jenny-O called Mohinder in this ep a "dreamwalker," which is a good enough term, especially since he's not just seeing his own memories.

Chandra Suresh (on leaving): "He will hate me for it."
his wife: "I'm not sure he doesn't already."

Chandra Suresh says maybe he should stay, "for his [Mohinder's] sake."
hiw wife: "Why? He will never take her place in your eyes; that has always been the case."

soccer ball...
Mohinder: "Who are you? What do you want?"

Audrey: "Are there any other bodies out there we should know about?" (off Matt's look) "I'm just sayin'."

Eden: "The heroin's out of his system. His body doesn't want it anymore. But his mind still does."

Isaac: "It feels like a curse."
Mr. Bennet: "Oh, it's a blessing. Don't let anybody tell you differently."
He totally reminds me of the Mayor (BtVS) :)

When Charlie was working the can opener I thought Sylar would make her slice her head open (and she would yell and Hiro would come out of the bathroom -- a nice counter to his hiding in the bathroom with the poker guys -- and save her). Then we see the blood drip and I thought: Oh God, you can't kill her. Initially because I liked her a lot, and later it registered that killing off one of the few main female characters is a bad idea.
Once she was dead, of course I called that Hiro would go back in time to save her.


Mohinder's sister's name was Shanti.
mom: "She was 5 years old when she died 2 years after you [Mohinder] were born."

Not only does Mr. Bennet know about Sylar (which is no surprise) but he knows Sylar is going to kill Claire tomorrow night at her Homecoming; now that's impressive, and something I kinda hope we learn more about (not necessarily that event specifically, but what kind of network he's working with).

Mr. Bennet: "There are others. Sylar is killing them one at a time."

When Mr. Bennet first took out the drug paraphernalia I thought he was gonna give him a placebo. ("The heroin's out of his system. His body doesn't want it anymore. But his mind still does.")

Why doesn't Isaac tell them about Peter? Peter drew the future just by being near him, no drugs.

14 years ago... misunderstanding of their motives resulted in death(s), there was a baby -- Claire


"A paper emergency."
Claire: "So I thought I'd stop by and try to be a hero."

Mr. Bennet: "Well, if it'll make you a hero and maybe knock Jackie down a few notches, we might be able to find something that'll work."
Claire: "You're the best dad ever."

Why did they clean him up anyway if they knew they were gonna need his powers? Just to earn his trust? I mean, he hadn't been mad eager to get clean before.

Talking to Eden, Mr. Bennett says stuff like "again" and "when I found you." Is she "special," too? Or just a former junkie? (Something I didn't actually think of until I was polishing up my commentary and saw the "I went through the same thing myself" bit -- which is of course ambiguous as to what "the same thing" refers to.)

Mr. Bennet to Eden: "You're the easy way. I think we both know the hard way."
That plus the dramatic camera work when she whispered to him I wondered does she have the power of persuasion or something?

The quick cut to the body being wheeled out on a stretcher for a second I thought Isaac OD'ed.

As soon as they said her head was ripped open I knew Hiro would remember Isaac from the future.

Hiro: "If she's not here, she can't be killed."
Uh... you do realize what bad logic that is, right?

Hiro: "If I'm too scared to use my powers, then I don't deserve them."

Also, as established with the talking to Peter (something both Future!Hiro and Now!Hiro) you risk a rift by traveling back in time.
When we see that he has not come back to Ando like he said he would, I remembered I think an episode of 7 Days -- where we see that life in their timeline goes on without Frank, who makes a new timeline when he travels back. It certainly makes sense to me.


Matt's wife: "You punched a superior officer; that has to have some kind of repercussions."
Matt: "He may outrank me, but 'superior's' takin' it a little too far."

File: "Sanjog, Iyer"
headline: "learning continues during sleep" etc. etc. -- I thought this was gonna be about Sylar, but then it was looking like more general preliminary research on genetics. And we see a photo of Mohinder's sister, which was the dramatic reveal of confirmation for him since his mom kinda confirmed what he'd seen, but this is way more hardcore confirmation for him since the girl he saw exactly matches this photo, though he couldn't possibly have remembered his sister from when he was two years old.

[IMDb has the dream/photo girl listed as "Iyer Sanjog" -- though of course IMDb is not necessarily a fount of reliability; they have "Niki" spelled right, for example, but not "Bennet." Maybe I misheard Mohinder's mom? Though then what's up with the difference in last name?]

Isaac... white eyes

Nice segue to from Isaac painting to Claire painting.

And yeah, her dad loves her so hard. (I think this fandom's too vanilla to go the obvious next step there, which is fine since I don't actually want her in something that fucked-up, but still.)

Mohinder voiceover: "You can run far, you can take your small precautions, but have you really gotten away? Can you ever escape? Or is the truth that you do not have the strength or cunning to hide from destiny? But the world is not small; you are. And fate can find you anywhere."


tv.com says the actress who played Charlie (Jayma Mays) also played the coat check girl in the "Okay Awesome" epsiode of HIMYM.

Ooh, and rachelmanija says that the episode title directly references the Doomsday Clock -- which started at seven minutes to midnight in 1947 and is currently at seven minutes to midnight.
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