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[Astonishing X-Men] #18

Does anyone proofread these?  'Cause the first line of the first panel is "What do you done..."

Scott to Cassandra Nova: "Can't mess with my mind, lady ... I already lost it."

Danger: "I'm going to assume the Breakworld technology hasn't gotten to doorknobs."

Ord: "Can't you just bring their computer to life?"
Danger: "As I learned with the wild Sentinel, that doesn't ensure compliance.  Which is, I suppose, as it should be."

Hank: "There's a master of magnetism blows in and out of here now and again, makes all manner of trouble.  So I've been tinkering."

How does the "big magnet" not affect Wolverine?  Or is that supposed to be covered under Danger's statement the previous page that "Adamantium is not like other metals"?

Hank: "Under hypnosis, I associated my most complex brain functions with those key--"
Hank: "And you?"
Logan: "Had a beer?"
Hank: Same basic principle.

I can't quite place all of Emma's remembered lines, but I like the way it escalates, ending with "don't have any claws" and "with all my predator's heart."
And she thinks she's gonna die, and sees an angel coming for her, and then we see it's Kitty.

She says "I belong... below..." Kitty says, "Cry me a river, bitch.  We're going up."

I'm reminded [for a number of reasons] of sionnain's "Twenty Things You Might Not Know about Emma Frost," which opens:
1. Emma’s cell phone has different ringtones for people she knows, which she doesn’t really need since she’s a telepath. Any call coming in from the mansion rings with the "William Tell Overture," which she finds annoying and inspires her to answer quickly. Kitty’s cell phone rings in with "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks—Emma only saw the title and doesn’t really know the song, and Kitty’s actually never called her so it’s never worked.

That song ends:
I'm a bitch, I'm a tease
I'm a goddess on my knees
When you hurt, when you suffer
I'm your angel undercover
I've been numbed, I'm revived
Can't say I'm not alive
You know I wouldn't want it any other way
Scott: "Did any of you ever see more than one of them at a time?"
Ooh, smart.  Though master tactician that he is, I'm glad to see he got a heads-up (seeing Piotr fighting nothing).  But didn't we see Shaw coming back to Nova all beat up?

Hank: "Of course... It was Emma who stuck Cassandra Nova's consciousness into that blob in the first place."
I'm hoping this is previously established and not a deus ex machina.

"Survivor's guilt is unbelievably powerful.  The randomness of who lives, the responsibility towards those who didn't...".
Scott would know, of course.  And interestingly, his own recent epiphany was linked to confronting survivor's guilt, no?

Kitty: "Three years!  Three years of horror this maniac stuck in my head and you're giving me an insanity plea?"

"Try to concentrate, dear.  Time is becoming a factor."
Love that background shot.  Nova looming behind calm Emma.  Blindfold and the blob on either side, connected by crackly lines of.. psychicness?  Does Blindfold really have the power to keep the blob in check?  I thought her powers were strictly observatory.

Kitty: "Doesn't anybody care about what she did to us?"
Hank: "Following Scott's logic, what Emma did was confront us with our worst fears.  ...Which we faced, and here we stand."

Kitty: "Yeah, see I didn't get the self-help seminar.  Emma ripped my heart out."
Scott: "Of course she did.  She had to."
Kitty: "So I'd open a box,  That's why she brought me here....all this time..."
Scott: "Cassandra brought you here to open the box.
What Emma brought you here to do...
...is what you're doing now."  [which, interestingly, opens a panel in which Kitty is still holding a gun to Emma's head]

Then, "Do it now."
We have Nova in the blobby thing -- growing, and resembling Hisako's armor... various images in beige facets (diamonds meet underground rocks?) surrounding it... facing down Emma.

Scott: "If you can hear me, Emma, hear this: You can send Cassandra back.
You have a choice."

Dramatic pageturn, and: Emma says "Go to hell."  We get eyeshots of Scott and then Nova and then Ord and Danger bust in and then Brand shows up and beams them aboard and sets course for the Breakworld.

And we end dramatically with:
Blindfold: "They've gone away.  Far."
some boy: "The X-Men?  Hey, they'll be back."
Blindfold: "Not all of them."
Tags: comics: x-men: astonishing

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