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"I've been staying up late, keen on flipping through memories"

Today I didn't wanna get out of bed like ever, so I didn't go to church (which I feel a bit bad about).  I did do laundry, though, and finished my Ulysses reading.

I should have worked on writeups, but I did some backtagging (the semester I took my Inklings class, 'cause Lewis and Chesterton have come up in conversations recently).  Dude, that semester was made of awesome.  [Though it makes me sad that so many people I was friends/friendly with I've since lost touch with.]

I also found some entries I'd been looking for:
* Daddy, this is when I watched Evita.
* Ari, this is when I quoted you on "body and blood."

In other news: The Urban Nutcracker sounds intriguing.
Tags: planning ahead

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