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Heroes 1.09 "Homecoming" [2006-11-20]

Okay, so the "Previously on" is all "blah blah blah destinycakes," and "homecoming" has that nice double meaning of not just the literal high school event but also the idea of the "heroes" coming in to their powers (and also them possibly coming together).

(Mohinder) voiceover: "We are, if anything, creatures of habit.  [...]  But what happens when the familiar becomes unsafe?"

Rock on, Zach and his posse of freaks.

As soon as Nathan said the bit about it being the only copy, I knew he was gonna destroy it in some way.  Nice reveal later on, though (especially because it's held off for so long).  I was expecting he was just generally being protective so I felt like "Why not just alter it in some way?" but no, it's an image of his brother's death.  So we have two familial protection narratives.  Both of which fail, of course.  (Come on, Mr. Bennet, you had to know she was gonna sneak out.)

Also, I really like that Simone is coming to somewhat believe Peter -- or at least not be so sure in her disbelief as she was at first.  And yay for her finding out where the high school is (which, okay, is partly a plot convenience for the sake of time, but obviously she knew that Peter would wanna know).

Was Isaac's painting of radioactive man?  We only got a quick glimpse, so I wasn't sure.

Eden: "He's not a vending machine."

Claire punching Jackie?  Awesome.

(Zach doesn't read gay to me, btw.  Though I'd read stuff saying the writers were [possibly?] planning to make him gay.  And of course I basically don't have gaydar, for all intents and purposes.)

Zach throwing rocks at Claire's window via text message?  Fabulous.

Zach to Claire: "I know who I am.  I like who I am.  I just wish you liked who you are."  (Though his myspace lists Sexual Orientation as "Not Sure.")

Peter to Ando: "Truthfully, when I'm by myself, I'm not really anything."
Which, of course, is true of Ando as well (I'm definitely feeling the heterosexual-life-partners thing there) and it doesn't thrill me that they stated it explicitly (with its implication that we needed to be told, couldn't have discerned that) but that's okay.

Even I called that the password would be "Shanti."  Proof that I'm not always a failure as a viewer.

When we see Peter in the school and realize he thinks it's Jackie I started getting so frustrated 'cause mistajen-identity is possibly my least favorite plotline evar.  I liked Claire's "Just between you and me, she's not that special."

Nicely played with the "alumni" thing, Peter.

Okay, him bringing out the digital image felt a little too heavyhanded a dramatic moment, though on reflecting I can see him sort of wanting to steel himself.

And then we see Sylar in front of the case and I realized that Slyar was gonna go for Jackie.  I'd been assuming he could sense other "mutants" but no, he's tracking them the same way Suresh etc. does (at least, sort of; dunno how he knew about Charlie -- I mean, if he knows the manifestations are all recent, he could have easily figured it out from eavesdropping, but that would require serious synchronicity).

Peter keeps lingering behind while urging Claire to run.  What does he think he's gonna do to stop Sylar, exactly?  Obviously he absorbs Claire's super-healing (if he even knows that's what she has -- if all he knows is the fire story then for all he knows she could just have pyrokinesis) but that's really a defensive rather than an offensive power.

Peter to Claire: "Get to the stadium.  Find people, find lights.  He doesn't like to be seen."
How do you even know that, Peter?  Just because he's always in shadow etc. in the paintings?

Of course when they fall I was thinking, "Well, if he still has her powers absorbed he'll survive."  Especially because we had been basically watching scenes from Isaac's paintings come to life and it was very clear how correct Eden was that you aren't guaranteed a clear answer.  The images appear to tell a certain story, but really we [the general we, including the characters on the show] create a story bringing in information we already have.

I was also wondering where Eden was, btw, since she was supposed to neutralize Sylar.

Peter to Claire: "Are you the one?  By saving you, did I save the world?"
Why do you say such remarkably stupid things, Peter?  In what reality would she actually know?  If Hiro had actually told her anything don't you think perhaps she might have tried to avoid the situation?

Claire: "It's not luck, dad.  I have something I have to tell you."
And of course I want him to tell her that he grounded her because he knew Sylar was coming for her, though I know he won't (because he's secretive, and because he doesn't want her to stop trusting him).

Also: good on her wanting to go back to Peter, and boo on Mr. Bennet letting the police "take care of" it (in part because the Peter-messes-up-Nathan's-campaign reduxes are verging on tiresome).

Eden to Sylar: "You don't want to hurt me.  We just need to talk.  You can tell me all about yourself,  But first, go to sleep."
After her first sentence we clearly think she has powers of persuasion, but just when I was starting to wonder if somehow the black guy was a manifestation of her or something (with her talk about going to sleep) the black guy showed up, so maybe she was just a distraction while the black guy worked his mojo from behind?

I like that Mohinder's mom asks him what he's going to do now that he has the list of all the people.
"Tell them who they are, if they don't know already.  Warn them of the dangers they face."
First of all, that worked so well with Nathan, right?  Second, besides Sylar, what dangers do you know of besides the obvious ones they can already discern for themselves (which Claire articulated in an early episode) and how can you advise them on how to protect themselves?
Mohinder's mom: "But who will protect you?"

Great line -- and nice segue to Jessica.

(Mohinder) voiceover: "We are all, at our cores, the sum of our fears."

I liked how Micah played the "You left us" card, though he sounded almost like he was doing it just to prove a point, which seemed inaccurate to me.  (Though he reveals he's bringing them back to the place he told her, which means he couldn't have been planning to Greyhound to Vegas.  And dude, I still can't get over that he so obviously it was not!Mom he was talking to -- how does he know her name, btw? -- and still gave her their location.)

And we end with the beginning of the "six months earlier" episode.  Props to Ando for being observant/clever enough to suspect the photo was not quite the same photo it was pre-timejump.  And of course it would make sense for him to stay the whole time once he realized he'd jumped back so far -- since he hasn't got anything to lose and has plenty to gain.  (This also makes the theory that she's the one who teaches Hiro English v. plausiblle.)  But the blonde woman said he popped out of her life a few weeks back.  Why would he do that?  Clearly he was enjoying his life with her, plus the fact that she's destined to die isn't exactly something that would slip his mind.
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