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Voice Post: locked out of the apartment

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(no transcription available)

So, moments after I posted, OriginalRoomie came down to get the mail. (Yes it's a Sunday; she never has Sundays off, though, so she wasn't thinking -- and I sure was glad of that.) I had rung the doorbell a couple times in case anyone was home, but as we know it's sometimes hard to hear in the back of the house if you're in a bedroom with door closed (as she was). And she said her phone was dead, so even if I had tried to call her....

So yeah, all good now. Hopefully the locksmith type guy will come soon since the doorknob does need to be properly tightened, but we have appropriate contingency plans so we can go out and feel safe that we'll be able to get back into our apartment again regardless.

Edit @ 4:18pm: Locksmith guy just called, saying he came by the property and the doorknob was back on, that he tightened the deadbolt and the doorknob and if it happens again call him and he'll replace the doorknob.

Edit: So, around 6pm I headed out and the doorknob came off in my hand. Called the locksmith guy and he's gonna replace it tomorrow.
Tags: apartment: living, self: phoneposts

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