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Heroes 1.10 "6 Months Ago" [2006-11-27]

Okay, as usual, starts off slow but ultimately, kind of awesome.

Running commentary:

Since we first meet Gabriel Grey I wondered if he was a technomage like Micah, but figured that would be redundant.

"destiny is calling"... "commiserate"/"commemorate"... interesting that from the very beginning Claire isn't super gung-ho about being a cheerleader

Niki's an alcoholic?

Heidi walking?  DA wants Nathan to prosecute Linderman.  I actually hadn't realized he was a lawyer (since we only see him as a politician).  I missed a bit of their dialogue 'cause OriginalRoomie was talking; was Peter the one trying to talk Nathan out of it?

When Chandra said that if the soul exists then, scientifically speaking, it exists in the brain, I totally thought of Sylar.

Is Gabriel Jewish?  I'm usually awful at coding people, but I was pondering the cultural and visual cues, aided by having just read a book of essays about being Jewish.

Eden's name was Hayden?

Hiro gave her the Japanese phrasebook!?

"Tomorrow, the sparrow slays the dragon."  Gotta say, my initial reaction was, "But Sylar doesn't show up for ages yet; how can you kill him tomorrow?"

Jessica!  1976-1987  (Quick math: died at age 9)

selfless and empathic... self-centered and self-righteous (Heidi and Nathan on Peter)

Obviously it's Linderman's guys who are tailing them.

Jesus fuck!  Nathan flies up out of the car, and Peter dreams it.

Gabriel becomes Sylar?

::recalls the answering machine message from "Don't Look Back" (1.02) ::
Sylar: The hunger, it's... I can't control it, I don't want to. You made me this way.
Sylar: You helped me discover my potential. You wanted to see what I can do as much as I did, and now, you want it to stop.

Hal: "You're only as sick as your secrets, Niki."

Niki: "What did you do that was so bad I can't have my father back?"
Hal: "You really don't remember do you."

Of course we recognize that bitchy determined Ali Larter is Jessica.
"I took every punch so she wouldn't have to"

Hal: "You're not Jessica."
Jessica: "You have no idea who I am."

So... Nicole has MPD manifesting as her dead sister?

Claire's dad gives her "bears from around the world" :)

Matt's dyslexic?

Matt's wife: "some morning sex, some eggs...."

Matt: "How can you wanna kiss me?"
Matt's wife: {{You're my hero.}}  "You're everything I want."

Father!Petrelli dies of a heart attack the morning of the deposition.  One wonders if perhaps he wasn't helped.  And then one recalls that wasn't it revealed later that the dad was depressed and this was his final successful suicide attempt?  Sidenote: Peter looks astonishingly young in that shot -- like teenager.
Nathan: "Take comfort in the fact that he didn't know his songs were about to stab in the back."

Charlie has a blood clot....  (Gotta say, one of my first thoughts was, "So we don't get to have another female character stick around."
Hiro: "But I'm supposed to save you!"

Brian Davis is David from CSI!

zomg, the clock vision thing ("You are broken")... Sylar just got like a hundred times creepier

And Gabriel rejects his father's name, takes a new one.  Sylar.

Hiro: "This power, it's bigger than me."


I caught up on the comics.  The Isaac one is fair, but I love the Eden one.  Of course I love the conceit of the narrative structure, but I also love the metaphors.  And I've loved Eden from the beginning, after all.
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