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Heroes 1.11 "Fallout" [2006-12-04]


Reminder: I do not watch previews, so no spoiling me.

Okay, the last fifteen minutes or so... hugely intense and full of reveals.  We were building throughout the episode, but there was definitely some stuff I wasn't expecting.

Running commentary, informed by the whole episode:

Can't D.L. faze and get the bullet(s) out himself?  Though if his power fazes the stuff touching him (as comic book powers often do) that wouldn't work.

Props to Mr. Bennet for telling Claire the truth.
And it's believable that she feels betrayed ("You saw the tapes?") but still trusts her father.
"I've done some things I'm not proud of to keep you safe."  I like the explicit acknowledgment that he's been acting morally grey, and that this stuff doesn't entirely mesh with his own ethical code.

Mr. Bennet to Claire: "We can't tell your mother; we can't tell anybody."
Wow, could that scream incest any more?

Nathan to Peter: "You're not a fighter, but that's okay.  The world needs nurses, too."
Shame that I don't expect the show to actually support that statement.

Sylar: "How can you stop what's coming when you know nothing about power?"
At first I thought Mr. Bennet &co. were using Sylar somehow to manipulate Peter.

Nice shot of Jessica walking across the highway.

How can they keep Sylar in there?  They can't keep the Haitian standing around there forever.  But if they've found a way to synthesize the Haitian's powers, why always be using him in person?

Mr. Bennet to Sylar: "I think you're insane.  I think all the infusion of alterations to your DNA have corrupted your mind."

Eden: "Is it true?"
Mr. Bennet: "You'll have to be more specific.  I've got more than one house on fire at the moment."

So we see that Mr. Bennet takes orders from -- which admittedly isn't a huge surprise.  At the time I wondered if we were setting up for some kind of plotline where he goes rogue because of his daughter -- which I wasn't excited about, largely because I'm so jaded on "individuals > organizations !!11"

Eden: "I could tell him to kill himself.  No one would have to know."
And of course we suspect she is (trying to) use her powers on him and the Haitian shows up.  But it had to have been tempting regardless.

Eden: "You know I'm right!  I know I'm right!  And if that Haitian could speak, he'd tell you that I'm right!"
At that last bit I thought, "Okay, so that's canon confirmation that he doesn't (can't?) speak."  Nice reveal at the end.  And dude, how creepy is that that Mr. Bennet used mindwipe guy on his wife multiple times?

Audrey to Peter: "We had to climb over 6 lawyers just to get to you."

When Peter said he felt like his head was gonna split open I realized he probably still had Sylar absorbed -- something I'd seen speculated after last week's episode.  I thought it was ann1962, but now I can't find it.  'Cause I remember someone saying something about "Maybe that will be Peter's challenge: to use the powers of evil without turning evil himself" -- 'cause I remember thinking that even if we say Sylar himself is evil, his powers aren't inherently evil.  He has always had a drive to be special (so while I find Mr. Bennet's insanity theory plausible, I think it's also linked to the person Gabriel was before his powers kicked in).  Sylar's "ability" just happens to be linked to a personality trait of his (like Peter's is linked to his empathy).

Ando: "Who is it?"
Hiro: "Destiny."

The sight of DL's blood bringing Niki back to the fore feels cliched to me.

Claire to Peter: "You're totally my hero."  [Typing this up now, it occurs to me that her myspace lists her father as her hero, and while this line ostensibly functions as a show of her kindness and appreciation, it also fits with the undermining of her father's position in her life.]
It made me uncomfortable that Peter didn't tell her what his power is, made me worry that her assumption that he has her healing power will come back to bite him/them, though I could understand his hesitancy to tell her that she still is the only one who has her particular freakishness.

Micah: "Stop fighting!"
Jessica: "It's for your own good."  [Aww, the classic line.]
And she throws him against a rock wall!  I was hoping this would be a moment of clarity for her; sadly not -- though it does cause her to relinquish control of their body to Niki (for the time being).  I'm not sure I entirely buy DL's acceptance of her back (the drawing her close and kissing the top of her head).

Isaac: "I sketched this two days ago and sober."

I love Hiro's earnestness in saying, "How do you stop an exploding man?"

Claire: "Lyle.  How did you get home?"
Lyle: "I can't remember."

As soon as Lyle said his first sentence in that scene (I think it was along the lines of "Did Dad talk to you?" / "About what?") I knew he'd been mindwiped.  I love the look on his face at that last sentence, as he's truly struggling to remember and a little bit frightened that he can't.

But omg, it didn't even occur to me that he would wipe Zach, too.  And because her dad had her destroy the tapes, there's nothing she can do to prove anything.  (Sidenote: Zach spearheaded her entire Homecoming campaign.  Aren't a lot of people gonna be weirded out by him having no recollection of anything?  Though I guess if we're supposed to infer that he's a serious loner, then he's not gonna be talking to that many people.  And of course Mr. Bennet hasn't been particularly concerned about covering his tracks.  I don't expect it to become an actual plot point, I just feel bad for Zach for that inevitable weirdness.  Though of course my main reaction is feeling crushed for Claire.  I'm also curious as to how she and Zach got to be "friends" if they hadn't spoken since sixth grade.)

Niki: "I can't be trusted."
[In looking for another post, I reread oyceter's post on last week's episode and only just now realized that I'd been misreading her sentence "I really like that Niki is a recovering alcoholic, that there's a growing sense of her life that isn't her power."  My misread posits lack of control as a theme in Niki's life, which certainly comes up here.  Though sadly, even if she can convince the police officer, I don't think a jail cell will hold Jessica.]

Matt: "You always say I never take you anywhere."

Matt: "You really think I'm... 'cute'?"
Audrey: "I really think you're married.  I really think you love your wife."

I expect the show to go Audrey/Matt -- it clearly pushes the possibility, if nothing else -- but I have huge amounts of love for her statement right there.  ::does not have personal issues at all::

He thinks if he goes back to his wife after she cheated on him that he's a chump?  Lame.  I mean, I can see where he would get those ideas of masculinity/relationship from, but I'm really glad that Audrey totally set him straight.

Sylar to Mr. Bennet: "You collect special people."
If they're gonna run experiments on Sylar and try to find out how Sylar's ability works (as Mr. Bennet says) I validate their choice to keep him alive -- though obviously given his huge abilities and instability I don't think it's a particularly smart move.

Since I-the-viewer know Claire's father is behind this, it actually didn't occur to me until her phone conversation with him that she would blame anyone else.  That does answer my question of, "How could Claire's dad be so stupid as to so something that will so drive her away from him?"

Claire: "Where's mom?  Where's... Lyle?"

The Haitian speaks!!!  And he, too, is defecting from BennetCorp!  (Does this mean he'll be the next to get comic backstory?  Probably not.)

"I thought you only painted the future."
Hiro: "What if I step on a bug?  I could change history."
Ando: "Change history?  You're going to DIE!"
Hiro: "I really need to find that sword."

"I live next door to Chandra Suresh."
That's what the closed-captioning says.  Did she really use present tense there?

Sylar: "You knew what I was, and you let it happen."
He has a point there.  Though of course we expect she was acting under orders from Mr. Bennet &co.

They kill Eden!  Okay, technically we don't actually see her die, so she could have managed to turn the gun, but we have yet to see any confirmation that they truly changed the future and killing Sylar would preclude Isaac getting brain-ate (unless Peter goes Sylar, I suppose) and I'm not sure they're gonna give us that.  Though with so much more stuff happening with the Mr. Bennet side of the antiheroes, it would make some sense to get rid of (resolve) the Sylar plotline.

Peter: "They were all like us."
Nathan: "Dysfunctional?"

At first I thought Peter had traveled back in time to when he jumps off the roof (though not having been around Hiro in ages I didn't know how he would have) but when we see all the abandoned cars, it having just yesterday been the first Sunday in Advent, I thought, "What is this?  The fucking Rapture?"  And then I realized, "oh my god, the bomb."  I was assuming this was post-radiation burn [aka "fallout" -- yes I approve of the double meaning of the title... and how there's relationship fallout with almost every character].  When the other "heroes" started showing up (especially with the no-audio trick) I realized it was a dream.  Simone's there; does that mean she's powered, too?

After last week's episode, herewiss13 said, "Well, at least now we know why the cheerleader has to be saved. Not for herself, but because Sylar can't be regenerative on top of everything else...otherwise how can you shoot him once he escapes and eats radio-active man's brain. Otherwise, he'll just go super-critical (ala the latest painting from Isaac) and blow up New York."

This made a lot of sense to me when I read it last week, but if Peter really is connected with Sylar (as seems to be heavily implied in this week's episode -- though maybe his NathanSylar hallucination earlier was just another prophetic dream thing) then wouldn't they have wanted him to not save the cheerleader because otherwise he wouldn't have been near Sylar?

And what is up with Peter having prophetic dreams, anyway?  I imagine some explanation will come out down the road about how it's linked to his absorption power -- like how the Haitian impairs other people's abilities and also wipes their memories.
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