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Elizabeth Scripturient (the delinquent, ecumenical


per my mother's request:
Can you post again for candidates to give a writing workshop on January 15th, Monday holiday, at JBCC?

Middle school girls, workshop is 1.5 hours, paying $75.00 per workshop. Could do the same workshop twice. Welcome to attend award luncheon following the conference.

We working on the documents – description etc.

In other news, according to LJ, the peoples I was thinking of purchasing paid LJ for for xmas: "These friends have paid accounts that aren't due to expire for a while."  Anyone know what LJ's definition of "a while" is?  I'll probably just make the purchases anyway, of course.


No new episodes of Heroes until Jan. 22, but all 11 episodes are available on the website.
::looks at Jonah::
Tags: lj, philanthropic, poking the interbrain

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