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"it's likely they're just jealous and jaded"

So, I went to the laundromat and they had no water.  (I expect this was related to the [formerly] moderately gushing fire hydrant nearby which I passed on my way home.  So I headed down to Teele Square proper, which was no big deal except that there was a tv on, and we know I hate background noise; I was trying to finish Ulysses "Ithaca" chapter (17) in which Joyce is omgsopretentious and was already in a poor mood so yeah, I've had better laundromat experiences.

So anyway, my day.  I was going to post in some detail about this, but basically:
* I knew I was gonna have a shitload of work and made a concerted effort to not stress about it this weekend.  Sure enough, I came in to a pile of stuff (Recruiting and Prof.B. stuff) and felt a bit overwhelmed just trying to figure out what to tackle first and how/if I could delegate any of it.
* By mid-afternoon, having plowed through some of the work, I was feeling better, but then more stuff came up, and I feel a little bit bad 'cause I should have been more on top of stuff (hi, being a miracle worker mind-reading genius is my job description doncha know) but this is also too much for one assistant and the lack of communication (and last-minute tendencies) on the faculty level hasn't helped.

So yeah, the usual.  And at home, the clutter (both physical and to-do-list) is starting to feel overwhelming, which isn't helping my frame of mind.

I knew I should have had real food for dinner, but instead I've been stuffing myself with junk food, which my body is already beginning to regret.  ::sighs::  I suppose it's better than having lots of inappropriate sex.  And yeah, I know, exercise => endorphins and I should really join the HBS gym.

I've been skimming the flist and would really like to post comments and reply to the ones left on my own LJ, but instead I'm gonna prep for Joyce class tomorrow.

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